Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nothin' to See Here

I don't seem to have anything to say, but I'm going to say it anyway.  Just a few random thoughts. Hope you don't mind.

So, now, the basic Kindle costs $79.00.  That's well and good.  However, not even a year ago, I bought mine for $139.00.  A few months later, they dropped the price to $114.00.  I'm feeling a bit ticked off, frankly.  I used to really get mad when I bought something in a department store and the next morning, they put that very item on sale. It seemed a bit sneaky, somehow.  Just as the salesperson it the department store knew that the item I purchased was going to be on sale the next day, Amazon knew the price of the basic Kindle was going to drop dramatically over the next few months. I know! I know! I'm sounding irrational. But, I think Amazon could at least have waited a year before dropping the price - twice, at that.  It makes those of us who just bought our Kindles last January feel like chumps. I'm not going to forget this very soon.


I haven't been following the trial of the doctor who allegedly killed Michael Jackson too closely.  But, from what I have seen, I have deduced that poor Michael must have been surrounded by nothing but greedy people who were willing to do anything to make sure that he kept working and making Million$.  And, that includes his family, and maybe especially, his family.  Whatever he might have done in his life, he didn't deserve the treatment he received at the end.


In international news, there's the appeal in Italy of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, who were convicted of murdering Amada's British roommate, Meredith Kercher. Amanda was sentenced to 26 years and the boyfriend was sentenced to 25.  I didn't watch the coverage of the first trial, but I have seen photos of her, and to me, her eyes looked dead, like a shark's eyes. Italian news coverage refers to her family as a "clan," which they seem to resent.  But, then, they don't speak Italian, and I don't either, so who knows what the literal translation is of what they are being called.  I'm pretty sure the translation wouldn't be "Mafia." Anyway, even one year in an Italian prison can't be good.


Have you noticed that the internet seems to be experiencing an explosion of ads?  They're everywhere! You can't watch a video or play a game or go to many websits without having to endure anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds of advertisements.  I suppose it's the price we pay for a "free" internet.  But, I'd hate to have to watch a 90-second ad for Target while waiting for news of a nuclear attack on New York. 


If there's anything scarier than Nancy Gracer dancing, it's Nancy Grace having a wardrobe malfunction while dancing. If you were watching Dancing With the Stars Monday Night, you were treated to an image of an audience that had obviously been struck dumb by the sight of Nancy falling out of her dress.  Apparently, there are drawbacks to wearing a push-up bra if you are, er, well-endowed.  Nancy is denying everything, just like the people in the trials she condemns so avidly on her show.  I don't believe her, any more than she believes them.


And, now we have to be afraid of cantaloupe.  Where will it all end?

Stay tuned.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I don't feel sorry for Michael and I think I am the only one in the world. He wanted drugs he found people to give him drugs. No different than any addict except he was a rich addict. No one sued Elvis's doctors for millions because no one back then played victim like today or were sue happy. No one got sued - they blamed Elvis and his habit and inablity to shake it. Everyone around him were yes men/women just like Michael. If you didn't agree with Michael as he ex wife (elvis daughter) said he ostrized you. Michael surely didn't deserve to die but he was stupid and careless. He didn't deserve to die but he did this to himself. He was given an intervention by his family - they told that story on Oprah. Everyone knew he was an addict. So it's no different than going to an alley to buy your drugs. He was just richer and found people to give him what he wanted. I don't think Michael should be a victim in this like he is being protrayed.

Olga said...

I missed the wardrobe malfunction of Nancy Grace, but from the costumes I did see I have to wonder if it is not a planned event of the show. I mean, really, are some of those get-ups glued on so they stay in place?

Golden To Silver Val said...

First of all, I 100% agree with Peggy. Nuff said on that. reference to the Kindle....I was also pretty upset about that first price drop because I had bought one for $139 shortly before that. Upon checking it out though, I understand the cheaper model is full of ads that you have to put up with and that's why it's cheaper. Now for the second price drop...I didn't know about that one. I will have to say that I love my Kindle and it has served me well and hope it keeps doing so for years to come.
Talking about ads on the Internet brings to mind how many ads we are putting up with on Cable now. Remember when it first came out? That was their big thing....NO ADS and we loved it. Now we are paying a LOT more and also have the ads.
It's like everything else nowadays...screw the consumer, get as much as you can from us and give us as least as you can. I can't think about it too much or I'll be breathing into a paper bag.

Margie's Musings said...

I agree. I too have a hard time feeling sorry for an addict. They put themselves in that position. My mother was an alcoholic and until the last four years of her life, she drank. I always resented that they called alcoholism a disease.

If you don't drink that's one disease you'll never get. Let's face it, just like drugs and tobacco, alcohol is an addiction.

I will say this...due to her main strength and awkwardness, she stopped drinking those last four years and didn't go to a treatment center to do it either. She made up her mind never to drink again after she began to suffer the DT's.

Margie's Musings said...

By the way, I too have Kindle and I love it.

Peruby said...

I HATE feeling like a chump!

Looking to the Stars said...

Oh, I hate it when I buy something & then they lower the price. And that seems to be happening a lot now. Makes you not want to buy anything until it gets to a price where you can say,'i got a good deal on this'.

The Jackson family is showing us just how weird they are. The blame lies with Michael and no one else. His mother has filed a lawsuit against Philip Anschutz company, saying they should have helped Michael. The fault doesn't fall into their lap and I think she is being very greedy (FYI,Philip Anschutz was the money behind Michael's tour. He also, just recently bought 'The Broadmoor Hotel' but that deal will not be final till Oct. I haven't done a post on it yet, am waiting till it is a done deal)

Didn't see the 'Dancing With Stars'. The ratings must have gone down & they reverted to bad tactics, lol.

I've noticed the ads also. Ugh, I am sooo tired of ads :)

take care

Linda said...

Oh my, the Kindle saga. I see a new one that seems to be a cross between an iPad and Kindle is coming out soon. When will it stop for a while and let us catch up? I feel like I'm buying a new gadget everytime I turn around. I hardly learn one until they're tempting me with a newer version.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, Kindle is only $79.00 now?? I may have to get one for back up as I am a true "K" addict.

marlu said...

We bought our Kindle when they were way over $200. I love it but I too was a tad upset when the first price cut appeared!

Buy high; sell cheap. . . that's our motto.


NitWit1 said...

I am with the Margaret and the majority. Also goes for any kind of addiction where the user demonstrates no attempt to rehab.
My husband smokes and still does. He has tried anything I eat too much and have lost and regained 1000 lbs over a lifetime. Failed attempts by us both but we are still fighting. Jacksos, Presley and others showed no outward inclining to try. And insulated their environment with empathizers, enablers and 'yes' men.

Anonymous said...

I think rich or poor, famous or infamous, everyone is responsible for starting, continuing and stopping his addiction. How many times have these people been in and out of treatment centers; always starting again. Seems to me this is the only way they can get the public attention they crave.I don't feel sorry for any of them. They can clean up their act anytime they want.