Wednesday, October 05, 2011

More Randomness

Chris Christie says, "No, thanks" and it only took him 45 minutes to do it.   Well, what do you know? A Republican who doesn't want to run for president. I guess Rudy Giuliani will have to leap into the breach, because, obviously, the GOP is "desperate" for a good candidate. 


After the Italian Appeals Court overthrew the conviction of Amanda Knox, it was interesting to watch the spectators, both in Italy and America.  Each camp was fully invested in it's own opinions of her guilt or innocent.  Just as in the Cayce Anthony case, most of them knew nothing about the evidence that was available to the courts and juries, but they all had their opinions and by gawd, nothing was going to change them.  Wonder why they didn't just mind their own businesses and get on with their own lives. It's a puzzlement. 


It seems that Congress has passed yet another short-term spending bill to last until sometime in November. Why don't they just start going week to week?  Imagine how much fun watching CSpan would be, seeing all those blowhards arguing against it and then giving in an passing it.  


Will "Occupy Wall St. become a full-blown rebellion?  Probably not, although it seems to be growing by the day. People are angry, no doubt about that. And, please stop calling it the liberals' answer to the Tea Party. The people in that crowd aren't all liberals. But, the media won't let it get too popular. After all, it's the millionaires who pay their salaries. Can't upset that applecart, now can we?


The Democrats in the Senate want to raise taxes on millionaires by 5%.  See above.


The banks don't seem to be afraid of government regulations.  Some of them are going to start charging a fee to use debit cards. The fee will not apply to their more affluent customers - only people like me.  Figures.

Stay tuned.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Did you see where Nancy Grace called Amanda Knox freedom a miscarriage of justice? She stated she needed to do something with her life since she got a 2nd perhaps dancing with the "stars"?

Betty said...

Margaret: Yes, I saw that. Nancy is a disGrace.

Darlene said...

I hope the 'Occupy Wall Street' does become a full blown rebellion. Conservatives and Liberals are all mad as hell and they're not going to take it any more. This is the only way the 99% can get the attention of the policy makers, since the 1% have all the money.