Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just Some Thoughts

It seems to me that the function of Government ought to be to protect the interests of its citizens, not its corporations. There was no protection built into NAFTA, and look what has happened. Corporations took it as license to move even more factories to Mexico and to lay off more and more people here in this country. Then, they got the bright idea that "outsourcing" meant sending all the white-collar jobs to other countries, such as India, and then they could lay off office workers, too. I daresay CAFTA will work the same way.

They say you get the government you deserve. I don't think I deserve this particular bunch that is in power right now.


I bought a new bra a couple of weeks ago, but haven't worn it yet. I wish I could get someone to break it in for me. Doesn't anyone know how to make a comfortable bra? I can't find comfortable shoes any more, either. They're all made in Asia, where they have such high, whiny voices and tiny little feet. Imagine how appalled they must be at the size of American feet.


Yesterday was "Gay Day" at Disney World. Just thought I'd mention it in passing for the benefit of anyone whose "gaydar" hasn't been working lately. I don't have very strong feelings on the subject, one way or another, but I must admit I get a real chuckle out of listening to the homophobes running for office.


Which brings me, somehow, to Pat Robertson. I heard his plane crashed sometime this weekend, but he wasn't in it. Wonder if he considered it a warning - or did God tell him not to fly anywhere until further notice?


Little Rock (my home town) is in the market for a new Mayor, as well as a new motto. I don't have any suggestions for mayor, except that son, Jay, is looking for a good job. But, the new motto could be, "At least it's not Dogtown." Or, how about, "Home of the Little Rock Nine, and a Few Hundred Other High School Students Who Shall Remain Nameless."

Okay. Rant over.

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