Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hillary! They're Out To Get Her

I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever.  And, I thought this election season would be so much fun. Not so, at least so far.  I usually have a great time making fun of the Republican candidates, but, this year, I'm just too appalled by them.   Suffice it to say it appears, at least at this early date, that Trump is set to whine about not being treated fairly, and hurl insults at everyone, including his own followers and, in the end, become the candidate.  But, it's just not fun, so I'm going to talk about Hillary and Bernie.

First, I don't know why she wants to put herself through all the criticism and lies that are being thrown at her, not only by the Republicans, but especially women.  Why on earth would the likes of Susan Sarandon  want to say all the awful thing she is saying about Hillary?  What is it about Bernie Sanders that would appeal to her?  What she is saying borders on the personal.

Hillary has been criticized for one thing or another since Bill was Governor of Arkansas.  Back then, men, who seemed to hold all the state offices gave her no respect at all.  They thought of her as an "uppity woman" and she just seemed amused by them, especially when all they seemed to find to criticize her about was her hairdo.  Barbara Pryor got some of that treatment, too, every time she changed her look.  I guess they expected Hillary and Barbara to keep the same hairdos decade after decade.  If it was good enough for Mamie Eisenhower, it should have been good enough for them. 

The more Hillary proved herself to be smart and competent, and kept on working as a lawyer, the more scandalized people in Arkansas became. But, she didn't go to law school for all those years just to sit in the Governor's Mansion and think of ways to redecorate.  She was criticized for continuing to work after Chelsea was born, although she proved to be a very good and attentive mother. And, look at Chelsea, now.

What I really can't understand is the young voters all flocking after Bernie Sanders.  His promised are all just pie in the sky, and none of his ideas will ever get past a Republican House and Senate, even assuming he is electable. All I can figure out is he is such a lovable old guy, and reminds the young people of their grandpas, or the grandpas they wish they had.

It looks as though he will win the New Hampshire primary, which is happening as I type this.  But, we'll see what happens across the southern tier and out west.  I don't think he can win because all those young people he is courting will be back in school and most of them won't bother to show up for the general election. They never do.

I do have a prediction for you.  If Hillary loses, I'll bet it'll be because the women abandoned her this time around, and the Republicans will have been successful in their efforts to convince voters that she can't be trusted, which is absurd.  You heard it here. 


Olga said...

Is there not some curse (Chinese? Irish?) about living in interesting times? Interesting is about THE most positive spin I can give to current political situation. And it does feel cursed.


I'm a yellowdog...I will vote for which one wins the nomination..either one of them is a far better cry then those asshole republicans ..

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I remember when the state of Minnesota was so fed up with the government that they elected a wrestler as to govern the state. He made lots of promises as an independent, but in the end he turned out to be just another politician. That scares me. Means Trump could actually be our president. Hillary is better qualified on every level, but people just don't like her. They liked her husband, but not her. It is a sad situation, indeed.

Arkansas Patti said...

She has my vote and any ear I can bend in that direction. Still like you, it makes you realize how strong she is to put herself in the line of ugly fire. I wouldn't have the thick enough skin.

Betty said...

Olga: In a way, I'm finding it kinda scary. It all seems so out of control.

Jackie Sue: I'm with you. I'll vote for the Democratic candidate.

Kathie: I remember the wrestler. lol. It bothers me that Hillary is not very well liked. She doesn't campaign very well.

Patti: I was a little surprised that she decided to run, just because I couldn't imagine asking for more political pummeling.

Anonymous said...

I must say that as a Brit I get a bit confused with what happens on your side of 'the pond' at the run up to the US elections, and as for most of the candidates (where do they find them?) .. Well, I had better leave it there, and just say that Hillary as President makes sense to me.

msj09027 said...

Hillary is a proven liar and will say and do anything to get elected. My feeling is that she has way too much baggage.


Anyone voting for her solely because she's a woman has no business voting. I haven't seen anyone worth voting for this time around.

Sierra Sue said...

I'm 73 yrs old and have endured many political battles. I've been a proud Democrat since Day One. I have become disappointed in MY party.

I wont vote for Hillary because she's a woman, I'll vote for her because she has "endured" so much crap and held her head high. Why didnt anyone bring up that the funding for the embassy protection was cut by the Republican congress?

I always felt Al Gore should have been like a nasty little terrier and nipped at every thing W did.He could have done a lot of good, but instead he left with his tail between his legs never to be heard from again. Geese, Man, use your position, but he didnt.
Note to Bernie Supporters: Kids... there is NO FREE LUNCH.

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