Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nuisance Calls

Every single day, I get a robo-call from a group called "Cardmember Services".  They assure me they can lower the interest rate on all my credit cards.  I only have one credit card, thank you very much, and the interest rate doesn't bother me very much because I pay the card off every month.

For a while, I was getting TWO calls from the same annoying outfit. One started with "This is a very important message about your credit cards."  And the other was more personal.  It went, "This is Bridget from Cardmember Services."  She promised to lower the interest rate on my credit cards, too. 

I e-mailed the FCC and complained, and they replied that all they could do was add my complaint to all the others they are getting.  They went on to say that my telephone company COULD do something about it if they only would.  But, apparently, Cox doesn't want to be bothered. 

There has to be some way to stop these calls.  In the meantime, I have decided to let the calls go to a real person so I can tell her (usually a female) that I want the calls to stop.  Oh, I know it won't do any good.  They just cut me off.  But, why shoudn't I annoy them right back, right? 

I suggest that anyone else who gets these calls do the same.  It's actually quite satisfying, even if it is an exercise in futility.

Stay tuned.


marlu said...

We let caller ID handle those calls. If we don't recognize the number, we don't answer. If the call isn't important enough to leave a message, it does not deserve an answer.

Maybe I should take up your plan and annoy them right back!

lyndagrace said...

We have a feature on our phone to block certain numbers. However, it's almost impossible to block every one especially since I am sure these marketers are wise enough to keep changing their numbers.
So, what we do is press talk and then immediately press off. It's still so very annoying, though! I always try to remember that the person making the call is only trying to earn a living.

lucylocket said...
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if you wait they will say if you want to talk to someone push 1 if you want to be removed from their list hit 2...I hit 2..if it's a person I tell them to remove me from list or I'll hunt them down and kick their ass.

Arkansas Patti said...

If it is robo-call, I just hang up. If a real person, I immediately say "not interested" then hang up. Don't have time for that nonsense.

Olga Hebert said...

I think caller ID is the greatest invention since sliced bread. I am amazed at how many days in a row I will get calls from the same unknown number. And if I do talk to an actual person, they don't take no for an answer and keep on going. I am forced to rudely hang up the phone. I have also discovered that when I bored (doesn't happen often) it is amusing to play different characters. I particularly like the reactions to the confused old lady--usually starting to speak very slowly and very loudly in shortened sentences. It's a real giggle.

oklhdan said...

We get those calls also. Most of the time we catch them on caller ID but we found blocking the numbers was futile. As annoying as they are our only defense is not answering.

Sister--Three said...

I will follow your lead!!

harada57 said...

it does not deserve an answer.