Monday, September 07, 2015

Ignorant People Irritate Me

People like that ignorant little Clerk in Kentucky just irritate me no end.  And, the people who are taking up for her ought to be ashamed of themselves, because they know better. 

Her lawyers and the Religious Rights group that are encouraging her in her case have her convinced that she is above the law.  And, they have told her that the governor of the State of Kentucky should defy the Supreme Court and allow her to continue in her job and deny the rights of gays because she disapproves of their lifestyle on her skewed religious beliefs. .

I's astonishing how many people actually believe the states can somehow overrule the Federal Government and the U.S. Supreme Court, just because they disagree with the rulings handed down, according to their so-called religious beliefs. 

Here's a woman who only got religion about two years ago, after a lifetime of slutting around, two children out of wedlock and four marriages.  How would she have felt if some County Clerk had told her she couldn't have had second marriage license because their religion taught them that marriage is for life, and anything past the first marriage is adultery, or something equally silly? She would have squealed like a stuck pig and tried to find a lawyer to force that clerk to do his/her job. That's what. At least, at that point, she would be on the right side of the law.

And,don't get me started on the very UN-reverend Mike Huckabee.  Here's a man who wants to be President of the United States, saying his religion makes him above the law. He'd be perfectly happy to reign over a Theocracy.  That man, and people like him, are dangerous.

The rest of the Republicans who are either supporting (albeit weakly) Kim Davis in her "cause" are just as bad.  In this, and other issues, the Republicans are appealing to the lowest common denominator in this country.  They had better be careful what they wish for.

Stay tuned. 



Margie's Musings said...

You are correct! The Republicans are appealing to the common denominator in the country. I am sorry to say many, many people in this country are very ignorant. That's how we got Reagan and Bush for presidents. We need an intelligent president. Those who are ignorant manage to get us embroiled in war and other such nonsense. Let their kids go to war and we'd see just how patriotic they are. My boys were both deployed multiple times. My older son was in the National Guard and after two weeks combat training they sent him to Iraq to the war.

The National Guard for goodness sake! Luckily neither was injured or killed. But as we all should know, this was a war that should have never been. It inspired Isis. Now we have another guerrilla Vietnam. And if the Republican candidates have anything to say about it, we'll have boots on the ground.

Olga said...

I am pretty sure that had I told my boss that any part of my job was offensive to me so I wasn't going to do that part, I would have been instantly fired. And it certainly would not have brought me my 15 minutes of fame for the effort.

It is so sad that this culture is sinking into celebrations of stupid.

Margie's Musings said...

Olga, you are so correct about that! Tragic.

lucylocket said...

I suspect the County Clerk in Kentucky has the same motive for defying the Court that some people here in South Carolina have flying the Confederate battle flags in their pickup trucks. It's a great little attention-getter. They know beans about the Constitution and democracy. They just want to "get on the tv." One young man made it "to the tv." Someone pulled a gun on him after a verbal confrontation and the "pullee' was arrested (as he should have been)and Young Bubba was on the evening news. And he has about a decade's worth of big talk at the local bar.


irritate? it pisses me off to the nth degree

Sister--Three said...

What bugs me, Betty, is most of them are just fakers! Huck's family value guy--josh
duggar! As Harper Lee said, go set a watchman.....