Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who Says The Local News Is Dull?

In response to National Topless Day, the powers that be in Springfield, MO have passed a "Nipple" Law, making it OK to go topless as long as the nipples are covered.  The law applies to women only. Clearly, this is a violation of that pesky First Amendment.

It's also silly, if you ask me.

Stay tuned.


Meryl Baer said...

What about babies and children?

Olga said...

Seriously? Good lord!


stupidity is contagious.

LJB said...

I'm currently away from the USA on an extended adventure. Just the other day I said to my sweet husband how I missed knowing the simple day to day happenings going on back in the states. Who knew that new nipple rules were being enacted in our absense? Go figure.