Thursday, January 09, 2014

War On Poverty - A Failure? Really?

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty.  And, in the next six years, poverty was cut 50%.  Then, along came Richard Nixon and dismantled the programs. And all subsequent Republican presidents have followed his example, chipping away at anything that might help the poor and middle class. 

Now, those idiot Republicans are claiming that the war on poverty has failed.  Just who do they think made that happen?

Don't you get bone tired of hearing some Republican moron standing in front of a TV camera and declaring every popular Democratic policy a "failed" one?  The War on Poverty, Medicare,the Civil Rights Act were just three of the most successful efforts in the past fifty years.  Untold millions of people were helped by those policies, and they are the ones the Republicans want to do away with.

Don't let it happen.

Stay tuned. 


Olga said...

I fail to understand the value system of Republicans today.

Betty said...

Olga: Me, too.

Anonymous said...

Democratic governor in Oregon 3rd term, nice fellow but what a bunch of yahooos in their senate and crongressmen and women, won't even budge for the poor..Cover Oregon the Obamacare medical program no one can access it and get signed up let a woman go who ran it at only $250,000 a year friend of the governor, the fellow 78 who started the Cover Oregon program is retiring he nearly had a heartache when oct. 1st no body could get into the system and no one could sign up..We live in Washington used the same computer system Oracle, the Governor over here still a democrat ran it about 30 times before he had buses blanket the state to get people ready for oct. 1 2013..we have more the population signed up than anyother state..TO ME THE REPUBLICANS ARE FULL OF CRAP, THEY DON'T GIVE A HOOT WHO STARVES, HAS MEDICAL CARE & WHO CAN BUY A HOME 1966 when I graduated high school I went to my birth state of California and graduated from college in 1970 free tuition was nothing, books I got scholarships or grants for all my books, then Reagan got into office in early 1967 and he threw out the public state & university systems, people loved him, I did not..Oregon is lost in the 1930;s with tons of republicans and hunger the absolute highest for the whole population 2 in 5 people are starving I am so glad I live in Washington state, I hate republicans and their drivel..just your blog--get a real kick out of your blog, happy Chinese new year on January 31, 2014 Year of the Wooden Horse~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! ciao

Betty said...

Anonymous: I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks for commenting.