Friday, January 24, 2014

Politics Can Change You

When Rev. Mike Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas, he was a good old southern boy, moderate, affable, funny, the kind of guy you could safely vote for, even though he was a Republican.  Living in a double wide mobile home on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion would tend to keep you humble, I suppose. He an "First Tomboy," Janet and their three kids lived there while the mansion was being renovated. It seemed right  natural for them to be there, and they didn't complain. At least, not out loud.

Then, he left office and turned into a rabid right-winger while we weren't looking.  He moved his family to Florida, built a humongous mansion (nobody knows where he got the money for THAT) and started plotting and planning to run for President.  That meant he had to "drink the Kool-aid," if he planned to run as a Republican, so the transformation began.  First, he went on a health kick, losing a lot of weight, exercising and eating healthy.  I guess he was tired of being called "Governor Double Wide."

When his plans didn't exactly work out, he started rubbing elbows with the folks at Fox, and they must have brainwashed him, or something, because he started criticizing women, which culminated a few days ago, in the ridiculous statements he made about women's reproductive rights.  He sounded a whole lot like most of the Tea Party candidates, and some of the other old white men who populate the party, in that they just don't seem to understand the function of birth control pills.

I swear, to hear him, and an uncomfortable number of others in his party talk, he seems to think that a woman has to pop a birth control pill every time she plans to have S-E-X, because she can't "control her libido."  WTF!    Where is he getting his ideas?  Can't Janet set him straight?

Somebody send him a book - maybe a picture book, like the ones grade schools used to use to explain reproduction.

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

Wow, i did not know and never would have guessed about Huckabee's moderate history.

lucylocket said...

After reading the news story about Mr. Huckabee, I could hardly wait to see your post. Good one!

Betty said...

Olga: Republicans in Arkansas used to be fairly moderate, years ago. We always elected Democratic Mayors and Governors and Representatives and Senators. It has turned around in recent years, sad to say.

Lucy: Thanks.

Olga said...

Although the Democratic gene runs strong through many generations of my family, I will say the Vermont was a Republican state up until maybe 30 years ago and it was very moderate. Of course these days, VT is viewed as the land of left wing, commie, hippie liberals--so thank the Lord it is so small and Bernie Sanders has no real influence.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Funny you should mention grade school sex ed. We started with growing little Mother's Day plants from seed, then moved onto the classroom caterpillar-to-butterfly, then to the class pets, then animated "films" about cows, finally by junior high people appeared in a very general way, and by our junior year in in high school health class filled in the blanks. What the heck do they do these days?