Sunday, January 12, 2014

Now That's A Rocky Mountain High!

And, here you thought John Denver was singing about altitude.    The people have spoken.  They have made Pot legal in Colorado. Good on 'em.

I have never smoked Marijuana, but I know plenty of people who have smoked it for years, decades, even, and they haven't turned into brain dead zombies - not even close.

It just makes sense to legalize Pot. For one thing, it would make a lot more room in the prisons for the real criminals.  For another, we could tax the heck out of it just like we do cigarettes and gasoline.   Think what that would do for state revenues.

It's only a matter of time,anyway, until most of the states will legalize it.

Stay tuned. 


Arkansas Patti said...

I tried pot twice but it just want my idea of fun. I am more of the lampshade type than the introspective type. However, I have always been for the legalization. It is no worse for anyone than alcohol which can be bought anywhere--except in my county. And look at that lovely legal income for states.

Olga said...

Comparing steady marijuana users to steady alcohol users I have known over the years, I would believe marijuana is generally a better choice. And if it helps cancer patients with pain and appetite management, who am I to judge?

Peruby said...

Hmmm. I know some who have smoked for years and they are brain dead. We always blamed it on the weed. But they are heavy smokers, lazy non-workers who collect disability etc...

Maybe the people you know just puffed occasionally and kept a job, etc..