Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Didn't Do It, and I'll Never Do It Again.

Governor Chris Christie's State of the State address was a curious mix of denial/mea culpa.  The more he talks about Bridgegate, the less I believe him.  And, of course, there are all those e-mails and documents that belie the facts he's trying to make us believe are true.
Saying, "Mistakes were made" just doesn't cut it any more, even in a state as historically corrupt as New Jersey.  Sorry, Dianne, but facts is facts.

I realize I'm old and nobody wants to hear my opinion, but then, that's why I have a blog. There was a time in this country when American voters would have been appalled at the lack of integrity  of most of the people who are running for  office these days.  I refer, of course, mostly to the Republicans/Tea Party members.  That said, only a handful of the Democrats have tried to stop the deception. The rest of them are  a bunch of wimps who stand by and let them get away with all their dirty tricks and betrayal of the middle class.

And the horrible thing about it is, in spite of everything that is coming to light, Christie will still probably be the next Republican candidate for president. Voters are the most gullible that they have ever been. And, you know why?  Well, I'll tell you.  It's because when all is said and done, although the Tea Partiers say they don't like him right now, they will love him by election time, because he has several years to pander, pander, pander, and convince them that he's their guy.  Yep, by  the time the elections roll around, they will realize he is just like them - liars and bullies.

And, the Democrats will just stand by and collect their PAC money and hope Hillary can save them.  It doesn't look too good for the country.  Sorry.

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

That is just a perfect picture!

Word Tosser said...

well, he beats Palin.. heard she is thinking of stepping up to the plate in 2016 and hoping to go up against Hillary.. now that is a scary thought..

Betty said...

Olga: I liked it, too.

Word Tosser: It's not scary. It's time for popcorn!

savannah said...

Amen, sister! WTF has happened to us? *sigh* xoxox