Monday, January 06, 2014

How To Devastate a Family

Apparently, Liz Cheney has decided to abandon her Senate campaign in Wyoming.  And, high time.  That young lady has done quite enough damage , thank you, and in many, many ways.

She made a bad mistake in thinking she could just waltz into Wyoming, announce her candidacy against a long time Senator and be embraced by the voters on he strength of who her father is.  She had the arrogance to think she was a shoe-in, and her parents encouraged her to think that way, because they agreed with her.

Even when she threw her own sister under the bus by denouncing her as a married gay woman, and then, again, her parents backed her up.  It takes a pretty crass, unfeeling sibling, not to mention a couple of crass, insensitive parents to do something like that, all in the name of politics.  One wonders if that family rift can ever be cured.  I'm thinking it can't. Up until this campaign both Liz and her parents have tried to come across as supportive of Mary and her spouse.  But, Liz can't get elected if she doesn't toe the Republican line, so she does an about-face and says what she has to say.  But, it didn't work, did it?  People were pretty much appalled at her and her parents.

Then, there was that idiocy with the fishing license, in order to prove she was a resident of the state. It's a wonder she could find her way to the courthouse, unfamiliar as she was with it. Another silly move by a silly girl, no doubt sanctioned by her silly parents, Dick and Lynn.

But, more than what she has done to her own family, she has severely caused a lot of damage to the Republican party - particularly the Young Republicans.  She should have taken a leaf from Meghan McCain's book.  Meghan has been working pretty hard to convince people that she and her friends are not their parents' type of Republican.  They want to be though of as more inclusive, more compassionate, more tolerant than people her parents' ages.  She's been doing a pretty good job of it, as far as I can tell, although don't go getting the impression that I would ever vote for any of them.  They ARE Republicans, after all, and I am cynical enough to think those apples haven' really fallen far from their parents' trees.

I can only hope that Liz Cheney has managed to do enough damage to her family, her party and herself. So much so that it will be a long time before people will decide to vote for her for any office. She's toxic.  As toxic as her father, make no mistake about it.  Poor girl.

Stay tuned. 



Olga said...

Heartless and soulless as well.

Arkansas Patti said...

We can only be grateful the public didn't buy her.

Anonymous said...

Listen those cheneys are just heartless, his heart is shot to your know what she never had one the way she treated her own sister and her sisters wife is evident..Why can't people in politics have any heart at all, just don't get it at all, they live lives most could only dream of living, huge money, health insurance, pensions that would pop the eyes of any working person and they act like yahoos, one can only hope their Karma will kick them in the you know what..I cannot be bothered worrying about any of those cheneys, oy vey..Like to think of people as being sweet, peaceful and kind not those Cheneys at all.>love your blog, you always hit the nail on the head indeedy, peace, joy and love in 2014 and forever, ciao ciao and more ciaoX()