Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Backing Off A Bit

OK, I'm boring myself, so I think I'll go back to blogging (or not) whenever the spirit moves me.  It's too hard for a person who never gets out to think of something to say every day.

I'll probably keep complaining about the Republicans now and then.  But otherwise, I don't have a whole lot to report. 

I will keep on reading other people's blogs and commenting on them when the spirit moves me.

That said, did anyone watch the State of the Union message last night?  I don't know why I watched.  I just keep hoping President Obama will someday snap and tell the Tea Party just how the cow ate the cabbage.  But, he is just not confrontational. He still seems to think the Republicans will come to their senses and start to cooperate.They won't. He can't wait them out. You just can't be nice to those people. They don't know what "nice" is. 

Did you hear the Republican response, given by that woman, whose name I can't remember and don't care to? They seem to think if they trot out a woman, we'll all be fooled into believing there is no war on women.  She said the same things President Obama said, throwing in references to God every now and then, so she could make it clear that Democrats are heathens.

She told a story about one of her constituents, a woman, who told her that she signed up for Obamacare, and her insurance went up to $700.  She neglected to say whether that was monthly or annually.  Nevertheless, if that wasn't an out and out lie, and her insurance did go up that much,she must have signed up for the most expensive insurance out there, because everyone I know, their insurance is less than before, if they even had any before.

I hate those people.  I really do.

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

Whenever you write, it is a treat. You may not get out much, but your mind obviously gets its exercise so i do hope you will write whenever.

Arkansas Patti said...

They should have interviewed my friend. She has a ton of preexisting conditions and her new insurance is half what she was previously paying that she had to drop.

Betty said...

Olga: Thank you. I don't see myself stopping, since this is an election year and the wackos are bound to keep me wound up.

Patti: They don't want to interview anyone who is happy with his/her new coverage. They want to make up stories about non-existent people with policies they claim have gone up to ridiculous heights. Pffffffft.

L.J. Diva said...

I'm just coming back from a two month hiatus so I know the feeling.

Part of me wants to get back into it the other part doesn't.

Word Tosser said...

seems every time I think I will cut back, something will bug me and I end up writing anyway.. will be starting my 10th year in March.

The gal who was suppose to be doing the Republican side.. is from our neighbor state.. Washington (the other one..the I came away with ..... is she going to run for President? because it wasn't so much about the republican party as it was about her and her childhood. I hate watching the State of the Union... no matter which one is the President.. it is all about look at what I did... and this is what I want to do.. of course we all know the country doesn't have that kind of money to do it.. besides after the 10th word, it becomes blah, blah, blah.. like Charlie Brown's teacher..

Betty said...

Lady Jewels Diva: Welcome back.

Word Tosser: I don't think the State of the Union messages accomplish anything. They don't have time to go into anything in depth - just hit the high points. Useless.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture...