Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving Visit In Omaha

One year, I mentioned to someone that Jay and I were going to spend Thanksgiving in Omaha.  They thought I meant Omaha, Arkansas, a town even smaller than Harrison about twenty minutes from here. Ever since then, I have been careful to explain that when I say I'm going to Omaha, I mean Omaha, Nebraska. Just in case my friend wasn't joking.

So, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we packed the trunk of the car and set out on a very long (7 hour) drive to Omaha, Nebraska.  We spent a week there, with my daughter, Kelley, son-in-law, Allen, and two grandpuppies, Lucy and Cosette.

We had a fine time, as usual, and Kelley produced a delicious Thaksgiving dinner, consisting of turkey roulade, plus a turkey breast that she roasted along with the turkey roll, two kinds of dressing (or, stuffing, if you prefer), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole,gravy, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  After we recovered from that feast, we had a piece of her superb apple pie, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I didn't get hungry again until last night.

It's always fun to go to Kelley's house. On Friday after Thanksgiving, Jay always enjoys helping Kelley put up her Christmas tree and decorate the outside of the house. I enjoy supervising from my recliner.

This year, Kelley announced that she was going to buy a new, smaller tree - one that wasn't pre-lit.  She said the lights on the old tree were going out, and they could be just as happy with a 4' tree instead of the 7' one they were going to replace.  So, early Friday morning, she set out in search of the perfect artificial, non-pre-lit 4' tree, along with a few other things she planned to shop for, it being Black Friday and all.

I think you could call it a successful shopping trip.  She returned with various packages of sale items.  And, she also brought home a 7-1/2' prelit artificial tree.  We decided not to comment. But, it sure is pretty.

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

It sounds as though you had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. I am painting instead of decorating this year. I am a bit insane, yes.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter sounds like a wonderful cook..Where we live ther are many Christmas tree farms many make their living off of the trees, we visit and I pick up real honey and real preserves made by their kids and grandkids, it is wonderful and no preservatives..We don't do trees, we have Hanukkah and it fell on turkey day so we are done with the holidays..There is great hunger here and we help out and at the domestic violence place, they have so little and the tiny ones look forward to something from Santa, happy holidays to you and yours, ciao!