Thursday, May 30, 2013

As A Rule, I Don't Drink, But As A Habit.............

I have nothing against beer or wine or any other alcoholic beverage.  I just can't imbibe very often because I'm diabetic.  However, I will occasionally have a beer if the weather is hot enough mid-summer, or a cocktail or glass of wine on a festive occasion.   That's why a recent blog, the Hightower Lowdown caught my eye.  I have quoted, or paraphrased from his blog occasionally, and hopefully, I have given the proper credit to Jim Hightower. I really like his blog.

Today, he talks about beer.  Specifically, Budweiser, which is now owned by a Belgian company, In Bev.  It seems that In Bev has come up with some rather interesting ways to, well, cheat the customers. And, Jim Hightower has outed them.

He talks about their "new and improved" can, which they call a "Bowtie" because it kind of cinches in, in the midlde and In Bev claims there are 8.5 fewer calories in it.   Also, there is nearly double the amount of aluminum in the can and almost an ounce less beer.  And, you can't really figure the ounces in a six-pack, because they are now eight-packs.

This really disappoints me, because Bud has always been my beer preference. Jay brought us a six-pack of glass bottles of Bud Light the other day, They were the small bottles, just the right amount for me, so I tried one, and told him it just didn't taste right.  He pooh-poohed the idea, of course, and why wouldn't he? It's good old Bud, right?  Not according to Jim.

I rest my case.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...
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Olga said...

What was I going to say? (Got distracted by the spam-o-gram)
I do like those little bottles of beer because I can not ever finish the usual size. I have beer maybe twice a year. My brother used to drink the quart size--bottle for bottle keeping up with the rest of party drinkers. He is now in recovery.

Kay Dennison said...

Budweiser gives me a headache. Always has, always will. My fav these days is Yuengling's Amber Lager. Good stuff.

Sister--Three said...

I don't drink...but if I choice would be beer as you on hot summer day.


besides being a diabetic I'm a I don't drink at all any more..but I think I could drink a cold beer and not go nuts..but being a diabetic keeps me from even doing that..let me know if they start messing around with Lone beer of choice.
is that Jim Hightower the liberal writer from Texas?

Betty said...

Olga: I hate that spam, but I don't want to have to ok every comment, and I stopped commenting on most blogs where I have to type some nonsensical letters and numbers. I almost always have to do it twice.

Kay: Actually, I like Stella Artois from the very same brewery.

Jackisue: He's the one.