Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Dark Clouds Have Lifted

After a year of tension, anxiety and loss of sleep, my upstairs neighbor, "Leadfoot," has moved out. Jay reported on Saturday that he saw some folks carrying a futon down the stairs, which raised my hopes slightly.  After I reported them for noise, once again, on Thursday,  the rest of the weekend was eerily quiet, making me wonder when the other shoe was going to drop, literally.

My hopes rose even more when Monday dawned and all was still quiet upstairs.  Later that day, Jay ran into the manager (Ron), who told him quite a story. It seems Leadfoot has not lived upstairs for several months.  He illegally sublet the apartment to two girls who were just as noisy and inconsiderate as Leadfoot had been.  Ron said that if I had not reported the noise Thursday night, he might never have known that they were living there illegally.  So, I guess I deserve a great big THANK YOU from management, right? Right.  Will I get one?  No. Ron did say he'd try to get me a better neighbor next time.  Sure, sure.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy being able to sleep uninterrupted at night for the first time in a year.

Stay tuned.


Word Tosser said...

You could rent the upstairs and then you could be the noisy one. lol

Betty said...

Word Tosser: I'd never be able to negotiate the stairs.lol

savannah said...

good luck with the new neighbors when they arrive, sugar! until then, sweet dreams. btw, i have found the earplugs used by hunters/target shooters are very good for sound reduction. xoxoxo

Olga said...

There is nothing worse than loss of sleep due to inconsiderate, noisy people. You would think that builders could put more effort into noise abatement when construction is underway.

Sister--Three said...

Glad the thumbing in er...above...your head has ceased!

Betty said...

savannah: Ear plugs are a good idea. I'll try them if I need to - just before I call the manager. lol

Olga: The builders of these apartments didn't even bother with insulation. But they're still better than most of what is offered here.

Sister-Three: I'm used to the thumping in my head. The thumping above my head was worse. lol