Monday, March 04, 2013

News or No News

Best buddies Lindsey Graham and John McCain have agreed that they are going to fight the appointment of John Brennan as CIA Director. And, what else is new?  They'll probably fight every appointment President Obama makes, all in the guise of finding out "what is being hidden about the attack in Benghazi."  Those two need to shut up and sit down.  I think we've heard all we're going to hear about Benghazi.  Obviously, there was not enough security there, but whose fault is that?  Congress, who holds the purse strings, has refused funds for security in all parts of the world.  So, is the pot calling the kettle black?  Note to John and Lindsey: Not everything is a conspiracy.


Poor, deprived Ann Romney. Still in mourning over Mitt's loss of the Presidency, she says she still cries about it at times because the loss of the election was not a loss to them, personally. No, it was a loss for the country.  And how about Mitt, bravely facing the television cameras after hiding out, licking his wounds for the past three or four months.  He says although he did say those things about the 47%, he didn't mean them.  Oh, well.  That clears that up.  Note to Mitt:  Give Ann a hanky, and tell her to get a hobby.


The Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George, has said that the next pope must commit himself to "zero tolerance" of the sexual abuse of minor by clergymen. Really?  What a concept.  Other Cardinals have suggested that the next pope should promise to die in office.  Question for the Cardinals:  What happens when the next pope suffers a stroke and is on life support for 14 years?  Why not just set a retirement age for the pope. 


Another Bush has been heard from.  Jeb Bush has decided that it's a bad idea to have a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.  This, even though up to now, he has supported that very idea.  Obviously, this is his bow to the Tea Party, which signals that he is planning to run for President in 2016.  Personally,  I think the Bush family has done quite enough damage to this country, without inflicting yet another family member on us.


Isn't it odd that neither party is rushing to reverse the sequester?  It must mean that they were all in favor of it from the beginning and neither was anxious to take the blame.  No doubt, it will stay in effect until the next phase is about to kick in, and the drama will start all over again.  Nobody is worrying about the debt ceiling,though, now that they are both satisfied with sequestration.  Have we just witnessed the new bipartisanship?


Sorry I forgot to post a blog on Saturday.  Since I watch Netflix non-stop on weekends, lately, I don't log on to the internet at all, and simply forget.  I may have to amend my resolve to blog everyday and say every week day, and skip weekends altogether.

Stay tuned.  



Anonymous said...
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Olga said...

You can roll those eyes ou loud any time as far as I am concerned. Don't hold back--unless of course you are watching Netflix.

Sister--Three said...

I was thinkin' if those automatic cuts including social security the repubs would never fix anything! lol