Sunday, March 10, 2013

Acorn Update

This makes me happy on a day when so many low-life Republicans are getting away with so many underhanded tricks.  Remember the Republican dirty trick, aided and abetted by Fox News,  that led to the defunding of Acorn by Congress? Well, at least two of the people who carried out  the scam are getting what they deserve.

James O'Keefe, who with his partner in crime, Hannah Giles, tried to convince Acorn worker, Juan Carlos Vera, in the California office, that he was a pimp and Giles was his ho, and they were there to report that some Acorn workers were helping them bring underage girls into the country and making them into ho's.  The two illegally taped the conversation with Vera and then edited the tape to make it look like Vera  was in on the scam.  When it all hit the fan, Fox News swallowed the story, and it was gleefully reported ad-nauseum by Sean Hannity.

The result was that Vera lost his job and was thoroughly discredited. And, as I said, Congress defunded Acorn, which was the whole point of the dirty trick, since they were unable to defund them legitimately.

Now, Vera has successfully sued the two operatives and O'Keefe has had to fork over $100,000.  It has been reported that his accessory, Hannah Giles has made a secret settlement in the case.  Seems she has the protection of her very rich, very prominent and influential grandmother, who  is some kind of bigwig in the Christian Coalition. She had enough clout with the Republican Party to convince House members to recognize Hannah on the floor of the House before the whole thing blew up and embarrassed the Party.  

As I understand it, similar suits were brought and won in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

I don't know how Fox News has managed to escape a lawsuit thus far, and I hope they will have to pay a hefty settlement to Vera, too, eventually, but I'm not holding my breath.

It always makes me happy when a scam fails.  It's just unfortunate that this one didn't fail soon enough to save Acorn.

Stay tuned.  


Olga said...

Fox should definitely be accountable. I am sure that Hannity is not going on and on about this latest turn, though.

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