Friday, June 01, 2012

In My Humble Opinion

Let me be clear, here. John Edwards is scum.  However, to hear the media, you'd think he was the only man who ever ran around on his wife. Fortunately, the jury had the good sense to know that having the morals of an alley cat isn't against the law. They didn't like John Edwards, but the Prosecution couldn't prove he did anything illegal. So, the jury held their noses and voted to acquit on one count, and hung up on the rest.

That said, I do feel a tad-bit sorry for the guy. I started feeling some sympathy for him when Elizabeth went to great lengths to make herself the perfect victim, and thus, the darling of the media. She appeared on every single network and cable show, with the intention of trashing her husband.  Talk about a woman scorned. She spent what time she had left on this earth trying to make sure John would suffer.  John never once said a word, either in his own defense or against her.  That says a lot about the characters of both parties to me.

While she was making sure the country and the world knew what a cad John was, she apparently didn't care what it was doing to their three children, all of whom were old enough to know what was going on, and from what she said in one interview, she made sure they knew all about it.  We may never know how much emotional damage she might have done to them.  In my book, that makes her just as bad in her own way as her wandering husband was in his.

Then, there was Rielle, the other woman. She's some piece of work, herself, giving interviews and appearing in magazines, etc.  And, now she has written a book that is advertised as a "tell-all."  Of course she has. What a classy broad.

I predict that John Edwards will come out of this all right.  He's an excellent lawyer, who has always worked for children and the downtrodden. I don't expect to see him in any political arena any time soon, but I wouldn't rule it out. He's still young enough to re-invent himself. It's been done before. Look at Bill Clinton, if you don't agree.

So, good luck to him. And, next time, maybe he can keep his zipper zipped.


Margie's Musings said...

I completely agree, Betty. The entire mess is a tragedy for the children.

Both and Elizabeth and John did the wrong thing. Elizabeth could have died gracefully and the entire country would have admired her. Now she seems just as bad as her husband and she died with all that venom within her.

What a shame!

Margie's Musings said...
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I think Elizabeth might have been effected some by all the stuff she was taking for her cancer and felt like if she was going out she was going out on her on terms. so she trashed him..and I'm pretty sure the kids were smart enough to know who was the asshole and who wasn't..and they were probably both assholes..
But from day one, even when the entire world thought he was a good guy and wanted to vote for him for president, I thought he was a asshole..that smile never reached his he didn't change in my view. he was always an asshole..ha

Kay Dennison said...

I saw his speech and I just hope he does do the work he needs to do. Re-inventing oneself isn't easy. I've had to do it a couple times myself.

NitWit1 said...

What I would like to see is the media ignore these tragedies of human behavior and not give them the glitz and gloss treatment. But in the rush to beat each other to some shocking tidbit of dirt, we get treated to a cheap "paperback" novel 24/7.

Although helping many victims in his career, he also was known as an ambulance chaser attorney.

Darlene said...

I'm with NitWit 1. I am so sick of the time the TV talking heads spend dissecting celebrity private lives when there are so many really pressing problems for the country.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have real debates on how to solve the job crisis or how to get us out of Afghanistan? Instead the public remain stupid and fixated on trash TV like reality shows.

Meryl Baer said...

Next thing you know Rielle will have her own reality show. Who do you think will play Elizabeth, John and the mistress in the movie?

patsy said...

I didn't think they would convict him, Sister said when are people going to learn SEX isn't aginst the LAW!
I think Elizebeth was the one who had policitaly dreams.

Dianne said...

ya know I never thought about Elizabeth's actions that way but you do make a strong point
I was too busy feeling bad because of her illness but being sick doesn't excuse being thoughtless about your children

the eldest daughter appears to have amazing composure
I really feel for the kids, especially the young one he had with Rielle

so glad you like the dog show, finally some reality that's real :)

Olga said...

It drives me crazy when bad behavior grants celebrity status. And reality shows---good grief--the taste level is disturbing. I have not ever seen anything approaching reality on one of those shows. But then I have never actually watched one straight through. Still, I doubt I am missing anything.

Peggy said...

Feelings DO run high when this stuff happens in a relationship. There is a great temptation to wipe the floor with the bastard. He deserves everything he gets . . .HOWEVER where does personal dignity come into play? As you pointed out, what does this do to the kids.

What happened to the mistresses who looked stylish but kept their mouths SHUT? Wives come out much better when they keep a dignified silence when it comes to the media. Rake him over the coals in private and talk to your girlfriends but NEVER reporters!

These people have no personal dignity.