Thursday, May 10, 2012

Those Endlessly Entertaining Republicans

Taking the Crazy Abroad

Well, well.  It seems that during the time Michele Bachmann was so earnestly campaigning for the presidency of this country, she was just as earnestly going through the process of becoming a citizen of Switzerland.  There she was, telling us how much more "American" she was and she was secretly looking forward to dual citizenship with another country.  When the media got hold of the story, she claimed she only did it because her children wanted to be Swiss citizens, so she decided to make it a family affair.

That was yesterday.  Today, she says she is renouncing her Swiss citizenship.  And she wants us to know that she is as proud to be an American as an American can be.

Look at those eyes, folks, it's all there in her eyes.

So, why am I craving hot chocolate? 

Once a Bully..........

The news was a-buzz yesterday with reports that Mitt Romney took part in bullying while he was in school. He and a group of his friends got a gay student down and cut his hair.  Mitt had no recollection of such a thing happening.

That was yesterday.  Today, it has all come back to him and he calls it a schoolboy prank.  And, he apologizes if it hurt anyone.  In the rest of his rambling admission, he seems to be saying, "Hey, it was OK back then. But, now things have changed."

Is Nothing Sacred? 

First, there's a mother seen breastfeeding her 21 month old son in a museum, who takes offense when she is asked to move to the area designated for that activity.

Now, we have the cover of Time magazine glorifying the breastfeeding of a 3 year old.

Hasn't anyone heard of weaning children by age one?  Even animals don't allow it indefinitely.

This MUST be another  Republican value that they are trying to force on us.  I find it offensive on many levels.

OK, forget the hot chocolate. 

Stay tuned.


marlu said...

Just when I think it can't get any crazier, another day arrives with another "incident."

It's a long time till November. Can they keep it up?

Betty said...

marlu: Oh, I hope so. I just love to make fun of them.

Meryl Baer said...

It is all entertaining, but the scary thing is that so many take the nonsense seriously. I guess it takes our mind off the stuff that really matter - like jobs, which these clowns have no idea how to fix. (or don't want to).

Betty said...

MerCyn: I suspect they know there won't be any permanent jobs to by had until they force manufacturers to bring their factories back to the U.S. And, the way to do that is to take away all the incentives they were paid to move their businesses out of the country in the first place, and offer them incentives to bring the jobs back. Just sayin'

Word Tosser said...

It shouldn't be such a big issure because it did happen 40 years ago.. BUT.. he shouldn't have been laughing yesterday as he was saying he really didn't remember it and he was sorry if he did it.. Some how laughing takes away the seriousness of the apology. Or is he going to say that was a nervous laugh?

Grayquill said...

Word Tosser...Said it well.
BTW - I think that Time Cover came from a Democrate.
And. lastly that citizinship bit...that didn't really happen did it? It's not April fools day is it?

Betty said...

Word Tosser: I think he has a mean streak. He likes to fire people. He made mean remarks about that bakery, remember? He wasn't joking then. And, then there's Bain Capital, which hurt many, many working people.

Grayquill: a Democrat? Oh, puleeze! And, yes, the citizenship thing really did happen. You know it did.