Friday, February 03, 2012

I Hate to Complain, but.......

After more than two weeks of eager anticipation, my new stove arrived this morning. My first comment was, "Wow! Back to the Forties!"  It is retro-looking.  I guess I shouldn't complain, since I didn't have to pay for the thing, but, folks, it's really, really ugly.

First, it's white, and the other appliances (fridge, dishwasher) are tan. Second, it's huge! It sticks out from the cabinet fronts about four+ inches and, worst of all, it was designed to be installed flat against a wall, not in an island. It squats there like a track star with one foot over the starting line,  eager for the starting gun to go off. Consequently, the back, which is visible from all parts of the living room, stands up at least a foot from the counter top.  I. don't know WHAT I'm gonna do about that!

There are some good things about the stove, of course. First, it has features the old one didn't have. There's an oven light, a clock, a timer, a preheat setting, two oven racks (the old one only had one), and, did I mention I didn't have to pay for it?

I guess I'll get used to it in time, and be philosophical about it.  It's just one of the downsides of apartment living, I guess.  And, It's just an example of piss-poor prior planning on the part of the apartment builders.  When these apartments were built, seventeen years ago, someone screwed up and ordered apartment-sized stoves for all of the larger apartments and regular-sized ones for the smaller apartments. Mine is one of the smaller ones.  Instead of going back and correcting the mistake, they just went ahead and installed them.  So, now, when they have to replace one, the smaller apartments get the large stoves that should fit against the wall.  There's no telling what they replace the larger apartments with. Hot plates?

Anyway, I'll make the best of the situation. At least I now have an oven that works, and is a newer model, even if it is an eyesore.  

What would you do about disguising the back of this stove?  Some kind of screen?  A couple of house plants?

I'd welcome some suggestions.  I'm keeping an open mind, and hoping someone in the manager's office comes to his senses and exchanges it for a stove that is designed for an island.  Hope springs eternal, you know.

In the meantime, I look forward to an oven that works properly and is easier to clean than the old one. And, of course, I didn't have to pay for it.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

If it were me, I would invite the apartment manager in to see what it looks like and ask him/her if they could enchange it for one more in keeping with your apartment.

Kell said...

I agree with Margie. Not that I think they'll care, but maybe they don't even know? Otherwise, probably a plant could cover enough of it. I can't believe they put that in there like that.

Betty said...

Margie and Kelley: I called to speak to the manager, and is out sick until Monday. Melissa assures me he will get my message. I asked that he come down here and look at it. I don't expect anything to change, but it doesn't hurt to call.

Cazzie!!! said...

I was going to write and say some cannisters would be nice at the back of that there oven. But, I agree with your friends. And, since you have contacted them anyway I guess we will all await your post about the (hopeful) visit from the manager. Then they may just see what it is they are doing. I quite like the little oven, even if it is too big for your apartment hehe. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Since my stove is almost 34 years old I cannot say anything, the broiler went out and I mean literally fell out of its holdings rusted right out in december 23 2000 I only use a toaster oven, been looking at ovens oh my living God, $6000 for a oven, really, winning like charlie sheen would say...A nice friend is moving with a brand new oven she doesn't want to hassle with giving away I don't care if it topaz with orange stripes we are receiving the gift if the color is obnoxious I know a person who can paint it for free for me..he is a painter and knows how to do it and will I asked him, offered him money, he said it would be his pleasure, we are getting a stove we measured it and it will fit very appreciative about having an oven, I have gone without one for almost 12 full years, now I have type 2 diabetes and want to bake veggies and salmon to save my life, the toaster oven just doesn't do it at grateful you have an oven that works even if it sits a little out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

Loved your post :)
You have a great attitude about it. Looking forward to hearing what the manager says :)

L.J. Diva said...

First off, congrats on getting a free stove, second, bugger, it's too big, third if he won't change it maybe he will tack on something at the back to cover it.

Otherwise maybe something decorative that you can stand in front of it?

And to anon, you don't need a stove to make healthy food for being a diabetic. So that's rubbish, my mother is diabetic and she has plenty of good healthy salads and microwavable foods. Not to mention all the things you can eat that don't need to be cooked.

I really hate it when diabetics get all dramatic. I know what my mother went through when she found out she had it, it barely changed her life, and it doesn't need to, as long as you change what you eat, and take your pills or insulin you're fine.

Peruby said...

Measure the area. Look for a kitchen-themed picture in that size. This may be difficult. By kitchen-themed I mean vegetables, wine, fruit, coffee - your preference. Attach it to the back of the stove with two-sided tape. You will probably need a thin picture.

If you cannot find that, get some thin wood or styrofoam and cut it to that size. Find some kitchen border at a wall paper store that you like and try to size it that way. You can attach the piece to the back with two-sided tape or some other method of your choice.

Please send us a picture to follow up if you do!

Grayquill said...

Hmmm...that is a problem. It appears to have vents. I suppose air needs in for cooling. So, sealing it would probably be a bad idea.

NitWit1 said...

Definitely RETRO, which is the style these days for some people, but I agree, a tad on the ugly side. Wonder if he forgot the word APARTMENT?

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope it at least has a self cleaning oven. Those are nice!

Betty said...

Cazzie: I don't know what irks me more, that ugly stove or the fact that the manager seems to be ignoring me.

Anonymous: I am diabetic, too, so I know what you mean, but the stove top was still working, so I could keep cooking veggies there.

Looking: My attitude is slipping a bit, as I realize the manager isn't going to respond to my questions.

Lady: There are vents on the back of the stove, so I don't know what to do about them.

Peruby: Those vents at the back may be problematic. I have a feeling they shouldn't be covered up. Thanks, anyway.

Grayquill: You're right about the vents. I'll just keep trying to get the manager to respond. There may be nothing he can do about it. This complex is owned by someone in another town who builds complexes in many other towns, even many other states. It's probably difficult for the manager to get answers, himself.

NitWit1: The problem is the stove was designed to go against the wall, which the manager would see if he ever deigned to come and look at it.

Schooltime: A self-cleaning oven? Don't I wish!

Kendi said...
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Kay Dennison said...

Sigh. My landlord buys what's cheap!!! I hate my stove.

Big John said...

Complain that it is unsafe as you have to reach across the hotplates to adjust the controls. It's worth a try. ;-)