Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Toes the Republican Line

Brainless twit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn't find anything nice to say about President Obama's latest video, where he is singing and looking happy. After watching the video on "The View" this week, she sourly said, "He shouldn't be singing and having fun as long as gas prices are so high." Explain to us, Elisabeth, why the high gas prices are the President's fault, and not the fault of the Wall Street speculators. Let's hear it, Elisabeth.  What an idiot.


The Virginia House of Representatives slithered off and met secretly to put off the "Personhood bill," and the governor proposed a change to the bill that mandated a vaginal probe of women before they could get an abortion.  It still mandates an ultrasound, which is making fools of them all. By now, the governor would probably like for that bill to go away, but the Representatives have apparently dug in their heels. Oh, dear oh dear, I see someone's Vice Presidential hopes circling the drain.  Goody.


On a lighter note, I keep having dreams in which I don't appear, and nobody I know is in them, either. Anyone else have dreams like that?  If I'm going to keep having dreams that look like movies, I'm going to want popcorn and a Pepsi with them.


Can anyone tell me how to unsubscribe to a blog on Google Reader, when "unsubscribe" doesn't work. I have tried for a week to unsubscribe to a blog and it just won't go away.

Also, how come there is no way to contact Google Reader, or Google for that matter?  When I type in my question on the Google page, it takes me to a page full of people asking the same question, but no one ever gets the answer.  I'm getting pretty fed up with Google and Google Reader.   And,don't tell me to go to Blogger.  I've tried that, too, and can't find a way to delete anything on my blog roll any more.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

Stay tuned. 


Sister--Three said...

Well, I leaned one thing...I will not subscribe to that! teehee But I will have to read again to make sure I can remember what not to do.

Peruby said...

I also noticed that Google was "unapproachable". For another matter, though.

Good luck. I hope you get it worked out.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too. It irritates me that some of these internet sites are so unapproachable.

Personally, I have Blogger. If I want to delete anything, I just delete the content and write something else in that particular blog.

NitWit1 said...

Soory I can't help with Google Reader. I have a reding List and Followers, both of which allow you to discontinue connection. since I am not sure that's what you are talking about, I want detail

As for my dreams: give me the ones I am not in as they often are bizarre. give me the "movies" because if they are horror I wake up. I take some medicines that make dreaming more vivd and not necessarily present.

lucylocket said...

I, too, have "movie" dreams. It started when I was a child. The strange part of my story is that William Lundigan and George Nader very often starred. I have no idea why those two. They don't show up now that I'm older.

Word Tosser said...

When Elizabeth said that I could not believe it.. I thought if I was there... I would have said to her.. well, that would be like some people saying you are UnAmerican because you chose to take several jobs, and not leave them open for others who need jobs.. both statements are stupid..

L.J. Diva said...

I get where Elisabeth is coming from and agree. Here in Austalia at the moment we are having political hassles over the Prime Ministership. The leaders think they have to get their faces on every news break and be popular like a celebrity. In fact, so many politicaians think THEY ARE CELEBRITIES. If only they'd go away and run their damn countries to the best of their abilities instead of trying to get their mugs on tv all the time I think countries would be better off for it. I don't care to see my politicians on tv all the time. I wish they'd just go away, stop pretending they are popular celebrities and just run the bloody country they are in.

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Kell said...

Elizabeth is just being a good Republican and rattling off the latest GOP talking points. Every pundit puppet was talking about gas prices.