Friday, October 07, 2011

The Plot Thickens

This is an update of yesterday's post. If you thought I had said all there was to say about Turkey Trot, you'd be wrong, and so would I.

There was a report yesterday that PETA had offered to buy he turkeys that were going to be tossed Of course, that didn't fly any more than the turkeys would.  Everybody always thinks it's all about money.

Today, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (the DOG, as it's called in some quarters) ran a story about Turkey Trot. They interviewed the President of the Chamber of Commerce, who happens to be my nephew. Sigh. My ex-husband's nephew, actually, but I still claim him. I tell you this in the spirit of full disclosure. The family has been knee-deep in Turkey Trot since the beginning.

In the interview, Nephew said that the birds "just spread those big old wings they've got and glide a long way. We know they can get up in the air because they get on trees and roofs."  He claimed no knowledge of the owner or owners of the aircraft that would be used.

Now, the FAA has gotten into the act. Their own aircraft will be flying over the town for the next two days, hoping to spot the turkey droppers. The law under which they are operating says it is illegal to throw anything from an airplane.  Personally, I think they should find a better use for taxpayer month, but that is just me.

So, what's next? Will he military send in fighter jets to shoot down a Piper Cub full of wild turkeys?  Will the DOG cover that story, too?  Will Turkey Trot gain world wide notoriety?

Will there be another Turkey Trot Update?  I can answer that.  No, there won't.  At least until next year.

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

I really thought that was a made up television event. Ick.

Big John said...

You know me Betty. I believe all the stories of weird old American customs. I bet all of those 'good ole boys' are out with their shotguns blasting those birds to pieces as they fall to earth. "Yeehaaa" !

Peruby said...

I posted an article on facebook. This is insane and barbaric.

NitWit1 said...

I didn't attend Turkey Trot although I live 9 mi from Yellville.

The local newspapers did not claim turkeys were dropped but there is local collusion with the event and who despise PETA.

I am a big supporter of Humane Society and rescue organizations but PETA's exaggerated protests in other endeavors turn me off. Just to stop human progress of some unbeknown and microscopic life. The turkey drop is perhaps different as it is and event, not some construction project, or perceived maltreatment.

I guarantee we would all be vegetarians if we made one walk through a slaughterhouse for anything we buy in the meat dept. at the grocery store--no matter how humane it may be perceived.

I remember my ancesters wringing necks of chickens, boiling them in water and burning the pin feathers off them. Never been fond of chickens as I remember the smell.

Grayquill said...

You gave me some new information...I had not heard of this turkey toss. It does sound a bit mean. Gut If I could get a free turkey I might be up for it (as long as the fall plucked and gutted the bird)

Betty said...

Olga: Nobody made it up. A lot goes on in this hills that nobody knows about.

Big John: We do have "Turkey Season" for our hunters, but they don't blast away at them during Turkey Trot.

Peruby: Of course it's barbaric. But, when you think about it, it's no worse than people owning land and stocking it with deer, etc., and letting people pay to kill the livestock - Ask Rick Perry.

NitWit1: I haven't attended Turkey Trot in years. Too hot, too crowded and too much walking. I agree with you about PETA. Groups like that always carry things too far, in my opinion.

Grayquill: Welcome back. I thought you had given up on me. Turkey Trot has been going on for 60 years, but the turkey toss didn't start until sometime in the 60's. I'm sure if you caught a turkey, there would be someone in the crowd willing to pluck it and gut it for you. For a nominal fee, of course. Nobody does that for the fun of it.

patsy said...

ok, i found the WKRP turkey drop on you tube.I have it on my site.

Darlene said...

And all this time I thought a turkey trot was a dance.

Betty said...

patsy: It's a funny episode. They guy who plays Herb Tarlek is from Little Rock.

Darlene: I thought so, too. Who knew?