Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Scandalous, Simply Scandalous

When is a sex scandal not a sex scandal?  When there's no actual sex involved. Duh.
Of course, that doesn't stop the sex obsessed national media from braying on and on about Anthony Weiner's unfortunate (dumb) sexts to several willingly participating women over the years. 

The idiot, Weiner, sent photos of his shorts-clad shortcomings and his skinny chest "as a joke", he says. He doesn't know what a joke they really were.  He's not exacly a "hunk", you know. 

In his long delayed mea culpa (complete with tears), he apologized to his wife, his family, his constituents and me for his dumb behavior.  He didn't need to apologize to me.  I don't care one way or another. But, he was right in also including the woman he sent the photo to, because he named her. I'm not suggesting that she is a victim in any way. She may be enjoying the notoriety, for all I know.

So, now, there's yet another woman out there, seeking her fifteen minutes of fame, who has turned over lewd e-mails and tweets from Weiner.  It's amusing to note, however, that this woman is a porn star.  A PORN star who is offended by Weiner's, uh, indiscretion. Please.

OK, so he lied and denied the whole thing. Surprise! They all do, when they get caught.  All of them. It's no big deal. Boys will be boys.

Personally, I think the whole argument about resigning or not resigning as a result of sexual misbehavior was put to rest whe President Clinton managed to escape his own sex scandal, in which he actually did have sex. I know, I know, he tried to convince us that a b.j. is not sex, and after a good laugh, the Senate impeached him. His behavior was about as bad as it gets, and he was re-elected.

So, we probably shouldn't pretend outrage over a few lewd texts. We should probably express outrage over something that is really outrageous, like the fact that a New Jersey High School has been applauded, in today's news, for having an 87% graduation rate.  And, this is the highest rate in the nation.  There's an outrage for you.

Stay tuned.


Going Like Sixty said...

The way I see it, outrage does not be have to be a zero sum game. I can be outraged at many things, many times, and usually am.
I need to settle.

savannah said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, most of men's problems would be solved if they went into therapy at age 40! xoxox

oh yeah, and politicians don't need facebook or twitter!

Anonymous said...

most of men's problems would be solved if they got there b&(*) removed. But guess that's not realistic, huh?
Why, oh why do they all think that no one else will find out?

Jay said...


Jay said...


No one died when Wiener lied.

Betty said...

Going Like Sixty: Oh, my capacity for outrage is limitless, too.

savannah: Good idea.

alwaysinthebackrow: They just think they're smarter than everybody. I tend to think it's genetic.

Jay: Thanks for your input. You're a good son. I'm just so proud. lol

Margie's Musings said...

Why are men obsessed with sex? And the man was newly married and his wife is expecting his child.

The man is an idiot. Do we want idiots in our legislature? We seem to have plenty of them already.

Grayquill said...

Good one - "Boys will be boys" is over used to excuse bad, hurtful behavior. Guys are not victims and their lack of impulse control should not be just slid aside with an attiude that they can't help themselves. I like the quote, "A true test of character is what a person does or not do when no one is watching.
Good post

Betty said...

Margie: I have never met a man who wasn't obsessed with a certain part of his anatomy. Some people say most men think with it. lol

Grayquill: It's not that they can't help themselves, it's that they don't want to. I guess you could make the case that men wouldn't "misbehave" so often if there weren't so many women willing to participate.

Looking to the Stars said...

Men never cease to amuse me with their stupidity :)

I had problems with my blog and couldn't post or leave comments but I got it fixed up and as you can see, here I am putting in my 2 cents :)

Big John said...

You should follow the British media. Every day seems to bring a new story about some politician or 'celeb' and their sexual antics.

Margie said...

Idiot he is!