Tuesday, May 10, 2011

McCartney To Marry


Dear Paul,

You don't mind if I call yu Paul, do you? After all, I have bought and sung along with so many of your albums since the 60's, I almost think of myself as the fifth Beatle.lol

I saw in the newspaper that you are going to take the plunge into the sea of matrimony, again. You incurable romantic, you! I hear her name is Nancy Shevells, and that you very wisely dated her for four years before popping the question.

By the way, I think it was very classy of you to hold off the big announcement until after the wedding of William and Catherine. You wouldn't have wanted to upstage them. Well played.

Actually, I do have a few words of advice for you. Take them for whatever they are worth.

I have learned something that might make you want to have second thoughts. Nancy is Barbara Walters' cousin. I'm just sayin'. I've also noticed that she is only seventeen years younger than you. That's in range. And, she seems to have all her limbs which is a a plus.

Listen, Paul, I wouldn't dream of telling you what to do, but if I were you, this time around, I'd have her sign a pre-nup. I know, I know, it takes some of the romance and spontaneity out of it, but, really, how many more $50 million checks can you be expected to write at your age?

In any case, congratulations, Paul. And, I wish you all the best.

Stay tuned.


Jay said...

This chick looks to be a much better wife for Sir Paul than Heather Mills. Nancy smart and independent. She can stand on her own two feet. ;-)

Grayquill said...

Some people even when they reach matuity in body still need wise advise - good work.

Betty said...

Jay: Good one!

Grayquill: Yes, Even I need a word or two of advice now and then. lol

Arkansas Patti said...

Didn't know about the Barbara connection. He really is an optimist isn't he?
Sure hope it works this time for the cute one.

Margie's Musings said...

Seventeen years is a lot of difference.

Kay Dennison said...

Part of the joy of being an old rich dude is that you can still get young chicks but I wonder why they bother.

When I was dating the Man and first met his family, the first reaction from was that I was too young for him until he explained that I really was only 5 years younger than him.

Someone wiser than I said that old guys chase young chicks for the same reason dogs chase cars.

Betty said...

Patti: So do I.

Margie: Not at their ages, I don't think. After all, he'll need someone younger to be his nurse a few years in the future, perhaps. lol

Kay: Right. Then, like the dogs, they don't know what to do with them when they catch them.

Murr Brewster said...

I was just thinking how back in '64 when the girls in my class were all calling themselves "the future Mrs. Paul McCartney" that they didn't know how many chances they'd get.

kenju said...

I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this post!! All good advice, so I hope Paul sees it.
Back in the dark ages (1963)Hold Your Hand", I became a fan, and I too, fancied becoming Mrs. McCartney....lol

Joy Des Jardins said...

Love this post Betty...and I love Paul too. I hope this time's the charm...he deserves to find happiness; although I don't think there will ever be ANOTHER Linda. Hey, Nancy's got to be better than the Heather Mills fiasco.

Betty said...

Murr Brewster and Kenju: We would have been part of a very long queue, I'm afraid. But, I was smitten, too.

I wish him happiness, too. It looks promising, this time, doesn't it?

Looking to the Stars said...

Love the post!!! I too, saw it in the paper along with the pic. Yes, she is better suited for him & she has her own money but I would opt for a pre nup for him. I love Paul and only want the best for him, someone to love him and to grow old with him. I think Linda is smiling down on him for this choice :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hmmm, I posted a comment a couple of days ago...but I don't know where it went.

Anywhoooo, I've always loved Paul...and he deserved to be happy; especially after the Heather Mills fiasco. But...there will never be another Linda in his life.

Anonymous said...

What must it be like, do you think, to have most of the world interested in your marital history/plans? I have always thought that after a certain age, there really is no good reason to get married, unless you need health insurance (the senior citizens' shotgun marriage) or for old men who want children with young things.
Are they in the children stage?

Big John said...

I've just been reading that Paul's first wife Linda was not an Eastman Kodak heiress as most people believe.
It seems that this story started because she was always running around taking pictures with an expensive camera.

Sister--Helen said...

Betty...yes, half of half is still a lot!