Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Been Thinkin' Again

PhotobucketDoes the Avon Lady still go house to house?  Back in the good old days, I was the only one in my neighborhood who ever locked the doors when I was at home.  Why, you ask?  Because my Avon Lady didn't know how to knock or ring a door bell.  Ding-Dong, indeed!!  I never knew when she was going to show up.  I could be back in my bedroom, changing clothes, or stepping out of the shower and I would hear the carport door open and someone would trill, "You-Hoo! Betty, are you here?"  After that jangled my nerves a couple of times, I started locking all my doors and windows when I was at home, which meant that when I got ready to go out, I would pull my arm out of its socket trying to open the door.

I finally figured out how to keep her from walking in unannounced.  I moved and didn't tell her where I was going.

 I can't complain about her too much, though, because never, in a million years could I do what she did. I simply cannot sell anything to anyone or ask for donations for anything.  My standard approach is, "Hello. You don't want to buy (insert product) , do you?"  Or, "Hello, I'm collection donations for the (insert charity). You don't want to give to this cause, do you?"  

I might not have to worry about encountering an Avon Lady these days, though.  I saw an Avon ad, promising me if I agreed to work for them, I wouldn't have to go door to door.  I spent a few minutes pondering how the customers would get those catalogs, and then, how they would get the products they bought, but I didn't worry about it very long. 

In my younger days, I volunteered for various charities until I realized I wasn't cut out for it. Every time I agreed to help out, someone would say, "OK, you take this neighborhood." and I would say, "You want me to ask people  to donate some money? Go to their homes? Oh, no, no, no,no. I'm no good at that."  I could stuff envelopes for you.  Telephone solicitation?  Er, I'm no good at that, either, heh, heh.  I could probably write post cards asking for donations, though."  Pretty soon, they stopped asking me to help out.

So, I really admire women (or, men) who can go door to door, trying to sell their wares.  Just don't come to MY door, because I'll be hiding in the coat closet until you give up and go away.

Stay tuned.


Looking to the Stars said...

lol, I am not that kind of person either. I tried but it's not for me. We have an avon lady around this neighborhood somewhere. She leaves her booklet on the front porch with her name & telephone number.

She is the ONLY person who knows how to read the 'no solicting' sign on our house. She never rings or knocks. If I was still into Avon, I would buy from her. I look at the book but nothing ever jumps out at me :)

Meryl Baer said...

I'm with you. The last time I did something like that was decades ago selling Girl Scout cookies. Didn't like it then...

Olga said...

Funny post. Sounds like you are not a buyer as well as not a seller.

Arkansas Patti said...

How funny and I can so relate to your sales skills. Me too.
"You wouldn't want to buy--" was my opening line also.

Kay Dennison said...

The only thing I buy from door knockers, is Girl Scout cookies! Having been one myself, I can't resist.

Depending on which politicians knock, I have my petitions next to the door and ask them to sign them for the impeach our governor, John Kasich, and one to repeal SB 5 -- the union-busting bill.

My visitors of that ilk are swindling.

oklhdan said...

They don't have to go door-to-door anymore cause they are all selling their wares at my place of employment! Everything from Avon to Mary Kay, Tupperware and more.

L.J. Diva said...

My local Avon lady (although she hasn't done it for years)is a neighbour who I haven't spoken to for years. She is incredibly rude as a person and believed she had every right to walk around the back of someone's house to talk to them. I told her she had no rights on anyone's property and she looked at me as if I had two heads.

Stupid bitch!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I am not comfortable asking people for money either, so I generally say no to people who ask me to do it. I'm also getting pretty tired of all the calls I get for people asking ME for money. Once you give to a charity...you're on their list for life.

I can't remember the last time I saw an Avon lady...at my door or anyone else's. Just as well, since I don't really like door-to-door sales people and the awkwardness of saying no to them. I can understand why you run and hide.

NitWit1 said...

Oh my! I am getting old. I remember the encyclopedia, Avon, Watkins, silverware, vacuum cleaner salespersons door-to-door, not to mention a number or religious organizations still around. My Mother let a few in IF, & ONLY IF, she knew them. Most she did as my home town was much smaller than it is now.

Then there were the pyramid scheme parties (we didn't know that's what they were back then) like Tupperware, jewelry, even "party items" most of which were sexual related-all I'm gonna say on that. And Yes such parties still exist.

However, very few dare visit me as I have always had BIG FULL BLOOD GERMAN SHEPHERDS, until recently and even this smaller dog has some GS in it.

I worked out a routine where these dogs although thoroughly wimps, and I would answer the door with the dog straining on the lessh, barking like maniacs. The religious groups quickly stuffed pamphlets in the door and left. My perverse personality doubled over in laughter.

Although I am religious, attend church most Sundays I do not go door to door. I will share with anyone, if they specifically ask me.

If I knew the salesperson I generally wasn't interested anyway. But I'd make the dog be quiet so I could ask them to please pass by my house.

Some would comply, most did not. I wonder if I painted blood on my door post, a la the Israelites of old, they'd get the point. I would care if they thought it was blood from last door-to-door victim....

I don't even sell tickets to a known charitable benefit. I buy tickets and given them away. I don't need any encouragement to more poundage than I already have.

Margie's Musings said...

I used to sell advertising but that was something people wanted to buy.

Big John said...

I spent most of my working life as a salesman and sales manager, selling mostly to professional buyers in large corporations etc. but I could never have gone "door to door". A whole different world.

knittergran said...

I went door-to-door only one night---when I was in college, selling (trying to sell) encyclopedias. We were trained briefly and basically given a lie (we were from the school district)to tell to get in the door. When people figured out what we were up to, we were ushered out quickly. It was embarrassing. NEVER again!