Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun With Part D

It may be difficult for you to believe, but I'm not a patient person, ordinarily. Sometimes I can force myself to wait for something when it is out of my hands. But, it isn't pretty and it isn't fun for those around me, and I don't suffer in silence.

So, I nearly lost whatever is left of my mind when I discovered I would have to enroll in Medicare Part D - the gubmint prescription plan. In the first place, I was doing it against my will. My former employer unceremoniously dumped all its retirees this year, necessitating the move to Part D.

We were given the number of an independent company whose raison d'etre is to search for the best possible plan for each individual. I called their number on October 17,hoping to get ahead of the rush. After answering all of their questions about my needs, they said they would do all the research and someone would call me with their recommendations on November 17. The clock was ticking from that point on.

I was a bit anxious, but as long as I had their phone call on November 17 to cling to, I was able to contain myself fairly well. With just a few more phone calls and big envelopes full of information from the insurance company I chose, I was magically enrolled.

Then, I started having to fill prescriptions. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but everything went smoothly. I fully expected to get caught up in red tape for the foreseeable future. And, then I was going to write a rant that would singe my hard drive. Looks like I'll have to stick to politics and the foibles of human beings that annoy me.

'Cause, enrolling in Part D was easy-peasy.

Stay tuned.


Peruby said...

"Rant that would singe my hard drive" LOL! Love it!

Arkansas Patti said...

Great news and good to know. I really debated this year. My former employer's coverage went thru the roof so I dropped it since the only meds I bought last year were some antibiotics for a sinus infection.
Even knowing I could with one breath discover I have a pack of new meds to enter my life, I chose to go naked this year and just put what I would normally pay into a savings account.
Thanks, for saying it was easy. If I make it through this year unscathed, I won't be worried to try signing up next year.

Margie's Musings said...

I don't have part D and don't intend to get it. Most everything I have had to fill, especially with Bob, was on the $4. list at the pharmacy. I only take a blood pressure pill and it is $4.00.

As it is, I pay nearly $200 a month for a Medicare supplement which I very seldom use. I don't go to the doctor unless I'm sick and I haven't been sick in years.

My eyelid surgery did fall under Medicare and I would not have had it done otherwise.

Part D is not a funded program.

Anonymous said...

Now that I am providing care for my mom, I had to deal with getting her new coverage, both for the medicare and the part D coverage. We have an office in the department of human services which provides a comprehensive summary of all of the providers and the coverage under all of their plans. She even went through the part D coverage, estimating the annual cost of meds and which plan would give the most coverage for the premium. I was impressed. Overwhelmed by the choices, but impressed with the assistance available. I imagine that this is a program which will be on the cutting board.

Kay Dennison said...

I am happy with my Part D provider -- I just got word that my total pharmacy bill last year was about $129. I can live with that.

Darlene said...

My prescriptions were partially paid for by the government because I am low income. I think that Arizona has cut that supplement and I may be shocked at the real cost. (Actually, I already know it and it's terrifying) I am waiting to see where I stand.

Big John said...

I don't know much about US Medicare, but "fill your own prescriptions" ! Does a doctor sign them ? Here in the UK old farts like me don't pay for our medication, but it doesn't come for free as we've paid all our lives in taxes.

betty said...

Yes, the doctor signs the prescriptions, then I "fill" them when I need them. His prescriptions cover a period of time, then the pharmacist has to call him to get him to extend the time. Must be some law I don't know about. But, we have lots of laws I don't know about. You are so lucky to have Government paid healthcare. We'll get there some day, but only after the fight.

Tabor said...

Glad that it went smoothly. I did not want to enroll in Medicare...but of course, will have to in a few years. My husband has been on it for a few years and we have not problem with our health payments.