Monday, August 02, 2010

Hot, Ain't It?

PhotobucketI'm feeling a bit scattered today, so my blog entry will be scattered, too. Here goes.

The temperature reached 99 degs. today and will probably top out at 100, at least, tomorrow. And, humid? You bet. The humidity pods have usually moved on by now, but they're sticking around later this year, making the heat index well over 100 every day. Whew!


Tomorrow is the Missouri primary, thank goodness. I have never seen so many old gray-haired men running for office. And, they all seem to be running for the same office. And, they all look vaguely like Alfred Hitchcock. And, sound every bit as weird. What's going on, anyway?


R.I.P. - Mitch Miller died today. He was 99 years old. I remember his sing-along shows. I didn't know, however, that he discovered, among others, Rosemary Clooney, Tony Bennett and Bob Dylan. But, he hated Rock and Roll and passed on Elvis Presley.


President Obama has kept yet another promise. The draw-down of combat troops in Iraq will be complete by August 31. The remaining 50,000 will be out by this time next year. Now, let's start working on bringing home the troops from Afghanistan.


The Tea Partiers are furious at Andy Griffith these days. He has made an ad for the AARP extolling the virtues of the new Healthcare law.

Now, really, how can anyone be mad at Sheriff Taylor or, for that matter, Ben Matlock? For shame!


Some pretty outrageous stories have been reported on far Right Wing blogs and through the Right Wing Media. They are even busily sending untrue e-mails.

There is a story reporting that Phoenix, Arizona has become the kidnapping Capitol of the U.S. The suggestion is that white people are being spirited away by brown people. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Of course, this story is not true.

Another story reports that a large drug cartel has come across the U.S. border into Laredo, Texas, and taken over two large ranches. Not true. But, be afraid.


I received an e-mail from a man I used to work with who should know better, but apparently doesn't, claiming that Muslims are tying up traffic on several streets, including Madison Avenue, because there isn't enough room in the Mosques. The e-mail claims that this happens every Friday afternoon from 2 to 4 O'clock, p.m.

There is even a photo of hundreds of Muslims on their hands and knees, all over the sidewalks and streets. The problem is, according to my research, the photo was taken in 2006. Seems New York City officials had declared 2006 a year of celebrating their cultural diversity. The streets were closed off at various times during the year for many cultural demonstrations.

These people will stop at nothing. No lie is too huge for them.

Stay tuned.


Grayquill said...

I see the heat has not affected your spunk. Let's see, conservatives - bad? Liberals - good? Cough Cough
Yeah I am sure that is exactly how it is.
Always interseting at your blog - you the best!

Margie's Musings said...

I agree that the right wing Republican are doing their best to spread all sorts of false information. It's all I can do to keep up with as they dispel these myths.

I'm a Republican but not on the far right.

Arkansas Patti said...

Isn't it amazing the emails people think to send us without even thinking of checking first? They must live by the theory that if it is on the internet, it must be true. Does make one tired.

Linda said...

As always, I enjoy your posts. It never ceases to amaze me how gullible people are. No evidence of brain matter activity to check anything out for themselves.

What pleases me though is, through it all, President Obama continues to get good things done for the country.

Olga said...

For having a scattered mind today, you seem pretty much in focus to me. Well said.

Darlene said...

I'm with Olga. Great post, Betty. You have touched on one of my pet peeves; the ignorant that swallow the most outrageous lies and distortions and keep forwarding them to everyone they know. Gaaah !!!

Betty said...

Grayquill: Are you laughing at me? Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Margie: If you're a Republican, you're one of the good ones. lol

Arkansas Patti: It's easy to be taken in by the internet. I have learned the hard way to be very skeptical of what I read there.

Linda: When you think about it, Obama has done a lot of good things in a very short time.

Olga: My attention span seems to get shorter and shorter. It's just too hot to think about any one subject for too long.

Darlene: I'll bet my friend won't send me another e-mail for a while. If ever. Like I care.

kenju said...

Luckily we have you to set and seep us straight!!

Grayquill said...

Me? laugh at you? Certanily not at you! Just a little teasing but only becuase I know you will throw it right back at me.
You keep me thinking.

王辛江淑萍康 said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................