Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shame, Shame, Shame

Starting tomorrow, One Million people will lose their unemployment benefits. We have the highest unemployment in this country since the great depression. There are already six applicants for every available job.

Today, every single Republican in the Senate, plus Democrat Ben Nelson voted against extending benefits for another six months. Why? Because they think it will help them politically - the Republicans, anyway. Who knows why Ben Nelson voted against it. Just contrary, I guess.

Even worse, various Republicans justified their "no" votes by characterizing the unemployed as "spoiled," "lazy," "hobos," "drug addicts," and "animals."

When are the American people going to open their eyes and realize that the Republicans are nothing more than a collection of nasty, mean-spirited, greedy, corrupt individuals who would, if they got the chance, do away with all help for the needy, children, and seniors. And, they are starting with the unemployed.

For shame.

Stay tuned.


Grayquill said...

Interesting perspective, if republicans are dirty rotten no goods, why do think republicans our rank democrats in charitable giving? I have heard a good democrat does not feel obligated to give to the poor because he/she feels it’s the government’s job. I don’t know if that is true or not but republicans do out give democrats. Some say republicans are more religious and their giving is higher because there giving goes to their local church or synagogue. There is probably some truth in all that but the fact are still the facts. Republicans do seem to out give democrats in considerable numbers for whatever reason.
Democrats do a better job than republicans at raising taxes to force others to do the giving through taxation. I personally think there needs to be a balance. So, until the government fixes every problem I will hold onto the belief that people can and will be generous and stop hoping in government.
Should the unemployment benefits be extended? Only if we can afford it...A principle of life that is always get what you pay for.
In defense of you postition and to any stingy republicans out there who are religious... It seems prudent to take care of our poor. Proverbs 21:13

Peggy said...

Books have to balance. It's a shame that all that money went to the banks instead of the people.

I've been looking for work for eight months now and out of work for six. It's tough! I am not a lazy person and I don't have any issues that would prevent me from accepting a job. I am just pleased that I'm not unemployed in the US. It is MUCH harder!

Margie's Musings said...

The truly unemployed do need the help. The problem is those who no longer even look for work. My daughter took the first job she could find at half the wage she was accustomed to getting and continues to look for something that pays better. She has interviewed for dozens of jobs but cannot find anything.

My son in law, a retired teacher, is now working as a guard at Amazon. He too has interviewed for dozens of other jobs but cannot find a better paying one.

Together, they make what she used to make alone.

NitWit1 said...

I visited you today. since i thought I left an apolitical comment on your previous post and it was not posted, I Hesitate to say anything. Hopefully it vanished in outer space somewhere.

In defense of the unemployed, our small city advertised for contract labor and got 30 applications by overqualified men searching for "anything." This is backbreaking labor in the 100 degree summer weather at near minimum wage. Only 4 will get a job which is temporary.

I have NO answers.

Kay Dennison said...

When what freezes over?

The worst of it is that anyone over 50 is getting the worst of this. I didn't want to retire on SSDI but I was left with no choice. As it was, the SS people were absolute jerks and kept denying me it for years while I lived on almost nothing.

Betty said...

Grayquill: No need to over-analyze. The Republicans give more because they are richer, for the most part.

Peggy: It is especially tough in small towns, where job opportunities are scarce, even in good times.

Margie: It just isn't fair.

Nitwit1: I checked my previous blog, and apparently your comment didn't take. I know I didn't delete it. I wouldn't do that. I welcome all comments, except spam.

Kay: Oh, yeah. People over 50 have it even rougher.

Tincanman said...

The billions of dollars spent each and every month in the unjust, unnecessary wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan started by the Republican Bush war criminals and continued under Obama would go a long way to helping out our citizens instead of feeding the greed of the global military/industrial complex and I think we'd all be safer for it. The country would certainly be safer. As for trying to equate being religious with being morally good, I don't buy it. History has shown that to be one of the many great lies repeated ad nausem. Giving to charity by citizens is good even if it might be done out of a sense of guilt or for tax reasons but the greatest social benefit is to have a government and social system strong enough to provide jobs, education, healthcare, etc, for all its citizens.

Betty said...

Tincanman: Well said.

Darlene said...

If you have money you can afford to give more to charity. The facts are that the Republican party is the party of the rich. Big corporations, and the wealthy owners and shareholders prop the party up. It's a philosophical difference in the two parties. The Democratic party care for the vulnerable and the Republican party care for big business.

Therefore, the Repubs hate taxes while the Dems know that to have a strong country you need to pay for it.

Betty said...

The Republicans don't hesitate to raise taxes - just not on the rich or the corporations.

Anonymous said...

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Kell said...

Nelson voted the way he did because he's scared shitless that he's not going to get re-elected in this very red state. And he should be. Even those who wanted health care reform to pass are pissed at him for the way he handled that vote. He probably thinks that voting w/ Republicans now will help him come election day.