Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Revenue Department Ripoff

I had to get my driver's license renewed yesterday, so I went to the local Revenue Office. I usually get my license plates renewed electronically, but for the driver's license they take your picture, so I had to go in person. Bleah.

I hate to have my picture taken, and it shows in that photo. I looked a lot like all those angry tea-party folks. Besides that, I look four years older than my last driver's license photo. Of course, I AM four years older, as of today, but, it seems to me that when people reach a certain age, they should just keep on looking the same from then on out.

Anyhoo, when I have to go to the Revenue Office, I am always struck by how efficient they are - and friendly. It's almost enjoyable to go there, now. This has not always been the case. I am reminded of the days of Wanda the Witch, who used to reign over the office with an iron fist, and no velvet glove. She reveled in the power she had over the public.

I have often wondered what she could possibly be holding over someone's head that protected her from all the complaints lodged against her over a long period of years. We're talking at least 20 years, here. Those were the days before the internet, so everything had to be done in person. That office was just chaos all the time. When you had to do business there, you planned on taking the whole day off from your job, because you'd be cooling your heels for literally hours.

To make things worse, all of the employees took their breaks at the same time, and Wanda shooed everyone out of the office from noon til one, so they could all go to lunch. All of the "upper-class" of the town knew that they could call Wanda and tell her what they wanted and she would meet them at the back door, and take care of them so they didn't have to waste their valuable time waiting in line.

Wanda's word was law. Things go so balled up one day, when I was there, that Wanda got everyone to stand in a semi-circle so she could find out what they wanted and inspect their paperwork to make sure they had everything. She went down that line like a general inspecting the troops, sending some away to get more information, and some she passed, reluctantly so they could go back to their chairs and continue to wait. Of course, everything came to a halt while she did this, but, no matter.

There was dancing in the streets when Wanda retired, let me tell you. The office became a pleasant, uncrowded place, with longer hours, staggered coffee-breaks and lunch hours, and improved efficiency. Now, with the State of Arkansas on the internet, there is very little problem with paperwork for license tag renewals.

There's just one thing that bothers me. They charged me an extra $2.00 to use my debit card. What's up with that?!?

Stay tuned.


lucylocket said...

It seems to me that they should give you a $2.00 discount for using your debit card. After all, they don't have to "handle" your check or cash. If you pay by check, they take a chance on the check bouncing. A debit card is "cash" without having to physically transport the cash/check to the bank. It seems like common sense to me.

But, of course, you're dealing with bureaucrats.

Linda said...

I'm amazed to know there is a government office of any kind running smoothly. Usually it's hurry up and wait in those offices. Congratulations/

NitWit1 said...

Wonder how close to Yellvile you are as we had a Wanda the Witch there for a very long time. Wanda was not her name.

Even her own brother, as well as other family members, hated to get her when renewing driver's license or car tags.

I avoided it by doing on-line until she retired. I would go to a different revenue office when I had to visit one. I doesn't matter when it is state funds where you go as long as in same state.

Kay Dennison said...

I love (not!) the Hitler the Hitleresque behavior of many of out so-called public servants.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Happy Birthday Betty...I hope you had a nice and relaxing day...and a little fun too Miss Pisces. Cheers!

Olga said...

Officious bureaucrats--they can be anywhere. I've run into a few. What sad little lives they must live.

kenju said...


I can't imagine why they would charge you to get instant money from the debit card. I'd squawk about that!

Betty said...

lucylocket: They pick your pocket any way they can.

linda: This office is actually pleasant.

Nitwit1: I lived in Yellville for a few years, but don't remember going to the Revenue Office. I guess hubby took care of all that back then. lol

Kay: They're like the people "out front" at the doctor's office. They feel their power, too.

Joy des Jardins: Thank you! Actually, it's Aries.

Olga: I guess they have to feel important some way.

kenju: It wouldn't do any good. I could have just written a check, I guess, and avoided the charge.

Arkansas Patti said...

A little power is a terrible thing.
We are lucky here to have a great crew.
I do agree that aging ought to have a cut off point where appearance no longer changes.

Anonymous said...

There is wanda in every work place... what a shame that is. Not a shame, however, that Wanda has retired, hehe.

Darlene said...

Wanda is typical of every low level bureaucrat with a little power. They love to wield their status and show everyone whose boss. When I was young they used to terrify me but now I just give them a scornful look and shrug my shoulders at their juvenile antics.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oops, you're're an Aries. I ought to know that since my late husband's birthday is Sunday...a typical Aries; and your birthday was past the cusp. I hope you had a good day Betty. ~Joy

Darlene said...

Hi Betty,

Stroll over to my blog because I have something for you.