Monday, March 08, 2010

More On Sarah Palin

According to the Huffington Post, when she was growing up, Sarah Palin's family lived in White Horse, and crossed the border into Canada for their (government run) healthcare. In a speech she made the other day, Sarah called this "ironic". That isn't what I would call it. I'd call it hypocrisy on her part.

Further, in the same speech, she defended her use of "hand notes" with the comment that "God did it, too." She found a Bible verse, Isaiah 49:16 that proves it.

In another story, it is reported that her grandson, Tripp Palin Johnston is on welfare, with his healthcare provided by Indian Health Services (the government) and the Alaska Native Medical Center (the government). This was found, apparently, in court documents pertaining to the request of Bristol Palin for child support.

If this is true, Sarah is making Million$ while her grandson has to rely on government run healthcare.

Another case of "I have mine, who cares about you?"


barry knister said...

I am a first-time visitor to your site, and I commend you on both your writing and your content. I think, though, all of us will soon need to wean ourselves of Palin. Like her many fans who love her because she's no brighter or better informed than they are, those of us writing about her are giving aid and comfort. Palin is a classic illustration of the old saying, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."
As for the nutter sheriff running "Operation Exodus," here again is a story about people who are either crazy or bored that has filled column inches and air time when it really isn't worthy of attention.
If you sometimes need a break from serious matters, you might enjoy visiting

Kay Dennison said...

You said it, Betty!!!!

Palin is off the hook as a friemd of mine says. And a hypocrite to boot.

I read The Immoral Minority and a couple other Alaskan blogs and they are screaming a LOT of things about the Palin clan. It was just noted that her son Trig qualifies for help because Toad -- oops! --Todd Palin is part native Alaskan.

Looking to the Stars said...

Very informative and good post! I didn't know Palin's grandson was getting welfare. But who knows better how to manipulate our system better then his grandmother and it sounds like she learned it at a young age. So, no wonder he and his mother are benefiting from it while the rest of the country suffers. Gets your goat doesn't it.

Keep on, keeping us posted about info of this nature :)

Olga said...

Let's get down to the serious stuff--what color is the sky in Palin world?

Janie B said...

Really? Is that for real? Geez, how does she get away with that crap?

Betty said...

barry knister: Hello. Welcome to my humble blog and thanks for the kind words. Oh, I know Sarah Palin is a tired subject, but she is just so easy to make fun of that I can't seem to pass up a chance. I don't write about her nearly as often as I used to. I hope you'll come back, and I plan to be visiting your blog.

Kay: I think her 15 minutes are about up, as far as politics is concerned. She's good for our amusement in other ways, though, for a while longer.

Looking to the Stars and Janie B: I'm kind of careful about stating as fact things I might read in a largely liberal blog, such as the Huffington Post. So, I hedge my bets a little bit, with comments like, "If true, etc." But, I did read this a couple of different places.

Olga: I suspect it's red, white and blue, with a little smudge of apple pie here and there.

Grayquill said...

When I saw the title of this post I couldn't wait to get here.
Like her or not she sure can pick up falling ratings - Leno -says "Thank you very much" HEE HEE!
Darn I missed it though...
I hear she now is pulling a $100k for each speech - not bad for a hick from the White House - I mean Horse - Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Arkansas Patti said...

I really hope she gets her reality show then every one can get "sick" of her like they did "Kate and her
eight." Do not believe exposure is good for her. She has such a thin layer of appeal.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Nothing surprises me anymore about Sarah Palin...she's a freaking disaster who is making her moment in the spotlight last wayyyy beyond my comfort level. She hasn't got an ounce of sense in her head...but she's as pushy and sly as they come, and I'm betting some of that IS because she hasn't got an ounce of sense in her head.

I just wish everyone would let her drift into oblivion, where she really belongs. She's just whacked! ~Joy

Barry Knister said...

Betty: when you visit Drinks Before Dinner, you might like to read the Feb. 2 post, "Retardation Nation." It's my latest offering in the Palin Project.

Darlene said...

I am trying very hard to ignore Sarah Palin, but the media won't let me. Why doesn't the media drop coverage of her? Because it's entertainment and that's what our news has deteriorated into.

If Sarah looked like me no one would pay attention to her. Through sheer luck she is a 'hottie' and can get away with a lot because of that. But just like the cheer leaders of my youth, when people see enough of her, her looks are suddenly irrelevant. On second thought, maybe the media are doing us a favor.

Tincanman said...

Two words: Lying Hypocrite. Enough said about Palin.