Thursday, January 14, 2010

At A Loss for Words

I have been trying to do a blog post all week. I wanted to talk about the earthquake in Haiti, but I find that I just don't know what to say. Such devastation! I feel so sorry for those people, and so helpless.

I can only watch for a few minutes at a time. But, I saw some idiot here in the U.S. get in front of a TV camera yesterday and claim that Obama hasn't responded quickly enough. Good grief! It's not as if we could just get in buses and trucks and drive to the devastated area, like we could have done after Katrina, and you know how long it took to respond in that little debacle.

Then, you have the very unchristian Pat Robertson claiming that the Haitians brought it on themselves for reasons that don't even bear repeating, so I won't. And how about the idiot Rush Limbaugh, suspecting that President Obama will make political hay out of the disaster. Those two people ought to be ashamed of themselves. Then again, we have to consider the source.

Just imagine having to live in a country like Haiti. The lucky ones are able to make $2.00 a day and others try to get by on $1.00 a day. Most of us, no matter how poor we think we are, simply cannot fathom the plight of those people.

Pray for them. Pray hard.

Stay tuned.


Cazzie!!! said...

Betty, I could not agree with you more love. I have only watched snippets of the news because of work and kids and school Summer hollidays..but I do not know of any one who is not affected by what they have heard or seen.
The World will respond with help, but help does take time to arrive doesn't it?
I will and have prayed for these people. The things we worry about with bills and stuff is nothing compared to what these people have had to worry about, and now this!

Darlene said...

The horror is beyond bearing. I know what you mean as I can only watch so much suffering.

What would the critics have Obama do? Perhaps create a miracle. The port is destroyed so sending a big ship means unloading it to smaller ships; a slow process. The tarmacs are inadequate and the planes have no place to land and circle for hours running out of fuel. Ye, Gods! Will the idiots stop criticizing and start donating?

lucylocket said...

I don't understand how some people can live with themselves after making such hateful statements. How can anyone see the devastation and not be moved? Instead they use the situation to say "God will get you" and to make goofy, inappropriate political remarks as people die.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I have been doing little else for this poor impoverished country. I have been praying for the residents and for those who are lending a helping hand.

Thank you for allowing us to band together in prayer during this tragic disaster,

I just wanted to pop over and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Ya'll have a blessed day!!!

Margaret Hall said...

When tragedy strikes, there are critics lined up to throw out the first insult...Likened to vultures to berate the Pres~!
Indeed, these people have suffered forever, their lives being threadbare! I just wish that the world had maybe handed them a little "hand up" before the disaster!...*sigh*, but GIVE THE AID WORKERS a chance, the airport is jammed up there!....Limbaugh, pfffffftttt!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I can find no fault with any of your words.
How people can take horror and misery to use it for religious or political gain, I will never understand.
Anyone on that beleaguered little island, anyone who has family there, and all the aid workers are in my prayers.

Margie's Musings said...

It's amazing how stupid and ignorant some people are. Watching either of those hate mongers is a waste of time.

kenju said...

I agree. I can only watch small bits of it, as the news is just too devastating and it overwhelms me. I cannot imagine the plight of those poor, poor people.

Kay Dennison said...

Beautifully said, Betty!!!!!!!

And yeah, Pat Robertson should be shot.

The legacy of their longtime dictator "Papa Doc" Duvalier lives on.

Peggy said...

Poor Hatians! They have so very little and now even that has been taken away. The country's infrastructure has collapsed. I can't believe Christians would say such things, but then again, I stopped thinking Pat Robertson is a Christian a long time ago.

Word Tosser said...

like you, I have watched here and there.... one time there was a man in front of the camera complaining and yelling about how things weren't being done fast enough... I thought, Gosh guy, give them a chance.... then I thought, well if I had been waiting 4 days with no water or food, I would be yelling too... it gets rid of the frustration, and if you don't hear how things are trying to get thru.. you think no one is coming but news reporters. And it seems if the reporter and camera man can get there, a case or two of water could too....

Kell said...

The irony that Rush Limbaugh is accusing someone else of doing things to boost his political career is hilarious. And Pat Robertson must have hung out at the crossroads to get the publicity/career he has. Wonder who he made a deal with.

Grayquill said...

Let not let the naysayers pull one drop of energy from us. I choose only good! I chose to honor only those who are doing something helpful, no matter how small.
There are a lot of people working really hard - we don't know that much about them because they are too busy doing.
Prayer is for sure a worthwhile effort.
Thanks for the post.
Keep at it stay faithful
Your caring matters

Joy Des Jardins said...

In a sad, sad tragic time like this, all of our prayers need to be focused on these poor people who have been so devastated. If we have one ounce of prayer left in us it should be aimed at those idiots like Rush and Pat to stay out of the camera lens and to shut the $#&($%@! up. (Pardon my shift bar.) ~Joy

NitWit1 said...

Although things are moving as fast as our resources can come together, survival for many is a very thin thread.

Living in abject proverty doesn't make for a strong cord to hold onto.

The survival mode is often ugly but I often wonder how I would behave in them same circumstances, so I cannot be critical.

Blaming any President is sort of silly. The agencies for disaster do not need his word to spring into action, at least planning before the Prez says a single word.

The exception might be the military. However, the is the main function of National Guards.

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Deanna said...

I've thought about blogging about the disaster in Haiti but there just isn't anything I can add to what has already been said. Robertson is a total idiot. I don't pay attention to Limbaugh. And I've seen several clips of people putting down the US for not coming to their aid quickly enough. It all makes me very sad. And things will get worse for this poor country before it gets better.

Anonymous said...

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