Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's Hear It For Apartment Living

PhotobucketThe temperature reached ninety degrees today, so that and the fact that it was Sunday made it the perfect time for the Air Conditioning to go out.

But, did I worry? I did not. The work order request was turned in to Maintenance this afternoon and, within an hour, the A/C was humming merrily, pumping lovely cool air. I love my apartment. It is less than half the size of the house I used to live in, and the only complaint I have is a minor one. I could use a walk-in shower instead of a tub with sliding glass doors. I can only hope there is a special circle of Hell for the person or persons who invented those glass doors.

But, never mind. When I decided to sell my house, my friends warned me I would regret it. It has been 10 years and here's a list of my regrets so far:

1. I had to get rid of most of my books.

PhotobucketNow, here's a list of things I don't miss:

1. Yard work, weekly in summer. $$$

2. Painting the outside of the house every few years. $$$

3. The dishwasher that never got the dishes clean, no matter how many times Sears tried to fix it. $$$

4. Having to get a loan every spring from the bank for repairs that were absolutely necessary, such as a new septic tank located in the front yard that suddenly caved in, leaving a gaping hole that could be seen, and smelled, by everyone who drove down the street. Then, I had to hire someone to rebuild my front porch that, over time, pulled farther and farther away from the house, until it left an unsightly, and dangerous, gap that could also be easily seen from the street. $$$$$

5. Property taxes. $$$

6. Insurance. $$$

7. A new water heater. $$$

8. A heating and cooling unit that drove the electric bill into the stratosphere in the winter and the troposphere in the summer. $$$

9. Replacing the roof after spring hail storms every couple of years. $$$

10. Removal of the two gigantic Arborvitaes that flanked the sliding glass doors into the back yard. They were a favorite residence for snakes. $$$

11. Fencing the back yard in the vain hope that it would keep our dog from escaping and knocking up the neighbor's pedigreed poodle at every single possible opportunity. $$$

12. Hordes of kids at Hallowe'en, snatching and grabbing and never saying "thank you". $$

13. And finally, living under the ever-present eyes of the curious (nosy) old lady across the street, peeking out of her front window.

14. Putting out the garbage in time for the pickup, only to have packs of neighborhood dogs rip the bags to shreds that had to be picked up by yours truly. Or Jay, or Kelley.

But, enough. My years in my little apartment have been amazingly stress free. I only wish I had sold that money pit years earlier.

Stay tuned.


Grayquill said...

I don;t want to be rude and it usually is when you bring up anything with age and ladies in the same conversation but casting care into the wind - just think ten years have passed maybe you could be the little old lady peering through the blinds one day. Now all that is lost - Don't you feel sad? Think of all you will miss.
You always make me laugh - well except for those policial posts.:))
Thanks for the smiles.

Sister--Helen said...

the Policial posts make me laugh the most...
I could easily live in an apartment..
In the 37 years of marriage My husband and I only lived in an apartment for about 2 mo. while one of our houses were being built...

We got a note from the staff stating someone complained we were yelling really loud last night and they thought we were having a big fight...we needed to be quiter...When we got the note I could not remember having a fight. I think it must have been our normal yelling..So, the husband and I could not live in an apartment...It's a wonder they let us live on the block...

kenju said...

You make an excellent argument for it!! This morning, our yard men were here; cutting, blowing, seeding, aerating, etc. I will hate it when we get the bill! We have 2 leaks under the house and the pool needs to be closed this week, ASAP. It's always something!!

Darlene said...

When I sold my house I contemplated living in an apartment, but the monthly rent (That kept going up for my apartment living friend) was a negative. I compromised on a town house with a small monthly fee that covers outside painting, front yard maintenance, the use of 2 swimming pools (one at a time, naturally) and a tennis court. Okay, so I never use the tennis court, but it's there.

I am responsible for having my roof coated every five years and anything that goes wrong inside. I admit I have put in about $10,000 fixing the interior the way I want it and repairing a leaky room, but it's all paid for and the only two things that can now go wrong (I hope) are the heat pump and my old clothes dryer. All other appliances are new (part of the money spent mentioned above).

I have no regrets, but do admit you have good points.

Arkansas Patti said...

Years ago when I worked for a Savings and Loan, the industry did a study on the actual cost of living in a rental as opposed to owning and paying a mortgage. They considered all that you mentioned. They very quietly determined that it is cheaper to rent. A fact they never published for good reason since they were in the mortgage business. Fun and oh so true post.
Enjoy your freedom.

NitWit1 said...

If I am ever single again, I am out of here fast as I can dump it on somebody else.

I may or may not rent, but the real estate will be considerable smaller ike about 900 sq. ft

Janie B said...

I can see what you mean, but there's a lot to be said for space. Of course if I had less space, I'd have less stuff, which might be a good thing.

Betty said...

Grayquill: I have, indeed become that little old lady, only I look through the peephole in my door to see what my neighbors are doing out on the porch. lol

the Fourth Sister: The managers here are good about keeping the noise levels down.

kenju: I rest my case.

Darlene: Sounds as though you have things pretty well under control

Arkansas Patti: Even with a slightly higher rent every two or three years, I'm still better off.

Nitwit1: You won't regret it.

Janie B: As it is, I have to keep the "stuff" to a minimum.

Grannymar said...

I am liking the sound of apartment living. Something to consider for the future.

Chancy said...

Your positive attitude is inspiring. Keep it up.
There is something to be said for getting rid of the "Stuff"

Kell said...

If the market ever turns around, we're considering selling and moving into a townhouse, mainly for someone else to do yardwork and snow removal. However, they don't have townhomes out in the country, without a bunch of neighbors, and I'd like that, too. Al would be happy renting.

Cazzie!!! said...

Money pit alright... now I want to live in an apartment :)

Margie's Musings said...

I don't really like my house. It's a compromise. I would like to sell it if I could find a nice apartment. Bob would never do it tough.

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