Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Can't Look. Is She Still There?

Sarah Palin's announcement that she is resigning as Governor of Alaska appeared to have been hastily put together. It almost seemed as though it was a spur of the moment decision. And she would have benefited from a good speech writer.

She rambled along, giving her reasons for leaving office, peppering her sentences with basketball phrases, but never offering anything specific. She characterized herself as a victim of the media, bloggers and other groups. She's been called a quitter and speculation is flying about her future plans.

I haven't made any secret of my dislike of her. I felt she was unsuited to the Vice Presidency, and I came to believe that, deep down, she knew it. She was like an American Idol contestant who tries out even though she can't carry a tune in a bucket. She has to know.

So, it might surprise many people to hear me say that I'm feeling a bit sorry for her right now. My lack of respect for her stems from my deep-seated feminism. During the campaign, I felt the same way about her that I always feel about beauty pageant contestants and women who don't think or stand up for themselves. She, whether unknowingly or knowingly, allowed herself to be exploited by a bunch of unscrupulous politicians who didn't have her best interests at heart.

It must have occurred to her at some point that she had been thrown to the wolves, while John McCain stayed cheerfully above the fray, well away from the mud slinging. That may be why, toward the end of the campaign she seemed to be "going rogue" and doing and saying things that were unscripted. But, by then, she was too far out on that limb all alone.

So, I do think she was victimized by many different groups. That said, she kept alowing it, and gave every appearance of someone clueless as to what is going on. Maybe the experience awakened a depth of ambition she hadn't realized was there. The outsome was a debacle for which there was plenty of blame to go around.

What happens next wil be entirely up to Sarah. Whatever she decides, I'm sure she's not going to go away.

As for yours truly, I'm just feling a bit mellow at the moment, but I'll get over it. You betcha!

Stay tuned.


Arkansas Patti said...

You are much more compassionate towards her than I. She scares the poop out of me. I can't help but feel this is part of a grand plan to becmoe our leader. I can't see the logic but some of the Republicans I have heard comment almost look at it as a brilliant ploy. Like I said, she scares me. Wish I could be as kind as you.
I will be watching.

Tincanman said...

I hope you get over your melowness.
Don't feel too sorry for her. She's a millionaire with more tons of loot coming her way with book deals, paid speaking (cough) engagements and a possible t.v. show. Only in America can 'stupid' make you so famously rich.
After Bush I thought I'd never see a more dumb politician...then...up pops Sarah. Go figure.

Sister--Helen said...

I'm sure her next stupid move is just over the horizon and we will be chewing nails and spitting tacks again.....

Looking to the Stars said...

Palin has something up her sleeve besides her arm :)
She's up to something and it will be intersting to see what it is

Betty said...

Patti: I'm experiencing a strange and uncharacteristic feeling of patience with other people, at the moment. It'll go away.

Tincanman: I'm almost over it, now.

The Fourth Sister: And, I'll be chewing nails right along with you.

Looking to the Stars: I agree, it will be interesting to see what she's up to.

bikehikebabe said...

I disagree with every above comment. I voted for Obama but Palin is one smart cookie. She was LABELED as some sort of idiot. She wouldn't have got where she was in Alaska if she was a dummy. Betty you say "I felt the same way about her that I always feel about beauty pageant contestants." Are you judging her by her looks? Too bad she looked so good because that was used against her too. Most politicians go into their job not knowing what they need to know but are smart & have good common sense.

bikehikebabe said...

P.S. Palin would have learned like any good politician & done well.

Mari Meehan said...

It boggles my mind that anyone seriously thinks this woman could be elected President! Just boggles it!

bikehikebabe said...

Well not President but she sure got a bum rap while running for vice president. And I got caught up in it too & was laughing my head off at "Sarah in the Oval Office" on the internet with new negative click-ons often.

My husband & I were staunch Republicans & came from a long line of Republicans, but we voted for Obama of course.

Margaret Hall said...

Ahhhh...too funny.
Betty she is still there, actually she is about to tap you on the shoulder! When she began to ramble, as you stated, and had nothing to say, well---she grates on my nerves, and I have NO mellowness right now about thinking that she will try and run for office again. I think that she thought that being governor was "beneath" her now and she is off to better things...
(((Loved your twitter about watchin' MJ)))....(evil grin)

Sansego said...

Not to worry...she has little chance of coming near the White House. There's no way Mitt Romney will allow that to happen, as he's practically guaranteed to be the next Republican nominee. Apparently, Romney despises Palin.

Also, look at our political history. VP candidates almost never get the nomination (Mondale was the exception) the next time round.

I suspect that she was blackmailed into resigning by someone in the Republican Party. We might never hear the real reason. If we don't, it's probably because the damaging information won't be released because she agreed to resign. If we do find out the real reason, then the Republicans aren't behind her demise.

Palin reminds me of Miss South Carolina ("US Americans") and Miss California ("Opposite marriage"). Case in point: "Only dead fish go with the flow" and "The world needs more Trigs, not less."

Oh...and yes, she got as far as she did because of her looks, conservative credentials and family. If she looked like Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent and was a spinster lady, we would've never heard of her. There, I said it!

bikehikebabe said...

Politics is sure interesting. Thanks for your info.

Betty said...

bikehikebabe: Feel free to disagree any time. I love a good debate! No, I wasn't referring to her looks, what I meant was that beauty contestants allow themselves to be exploited (I'm a feminatzi, remember?). lol I'm afraid Palin would have had too much to learn to finally become effective.

Thanks for your interesting comments.

Dogwalk Musings: Me, too.

Margaret: I'm beginning to get over my mellow mood. You found my Twitter page? I may be in over my head with Twitter. But, I keep trying to keep up with the latest technology. lol

Sansego: You're right. But, we'll still have to see her on the news and maybe even on Fox for a long time. Not that I watch Fox, you understand. lol