Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

(Sung to the tune of "Goin' Courtin'", from "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers":

Going' courtin', Gov'nor Sanford,
Does it set you senses in a whirl?
All the way to Argentina,
Flyin' there to see a girl.

Oh, your heart was burning all last week,
Cried and broke up with her, so to speak,
Now you're sorry you've been "sportin'"
Goin' courtin'.

Governor Mark Sanford, (R. S.C.) sure had the people back home in a swivet last weekend. He dropped out of sight last Thursday and resurfaced Tuesday morning. No one appeared to know where he was, although a loyal staff member gamely tried to float the idea that he might be hiking the Appalachian Trail. And, his wife said she didn't know where he was, and by all accounts, she didn't much give a rip.

He may have thought he was home free until he stepped off the plane in Atlanta and was met by a reporter sporting a big wide smile. Her name was Gina Smith, from a newspaper back home called "The State". Uh. Oh.

What to do? What to do? A hastily called pressed conference was in order, and, in a rambling, sometimes tearful statement, during which he confessed, at length and in painful detail, how he had cheated on his wife with a woman in Argentina. He said he had known the woman for eight years and during that time, they had just been good, good friends, until about a year ago, and he experienced a sudden "spark". He said he had seen her three times in the past year, during that whole sparking thing.

Turns out, the newspaper also had e-mails from him to her and from her back to him. Hearing a dramatic reading of the e-mails by Keith Olberman, to the strains of "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina", made me want to take a shower in boiling water. Talk about purple prose! Ew!

On the other hand, he writes like he talks, which is not much of a compliment. And, in the manner of people who have had a long-term relationship, her e-mails sounded eerily like his.

Mrs. Sanford wasn't having any of that old, "appear with the guy and be the supportive, if devastated, wife" business. She released a short statement saying she had booted him out recently. She's pissed and doesn't care who knows it.

So, now we just pop the popcorn, settle back and watch this whole mess play out.

I can't miss the opportunity to point out that Fox news trashed Governor Sanford all day, and identified him as a Democrat. Wishful thinking?

Stay tuned.


Sansego said...

Fox News always identifies the Republican politician as a Democrat when a sex scandal hits. They did this with Mark Foley and Larry Craig. Its just proof that the network is nothing more than a propaganda channel for the Republican party.

Arkansas Patti said...

Did Fox really do that? Just proves the bias of their reports. Lately I have noticed friends who subtly what me to know which way they lean, just say they watch Fox news. Simple
Got to love the wife's attitude.

Ima Wizer said...

I am SO lovin' this!!! Ha, ha....we KNEW they'd bury themselves because the TRUTH does always win out! ha!
As for this f'*~in' creep, he wasn't even there on Father's Day for his FOUR young sons! What a role model!!!

lucylocket said...

It seems that people here in SC are
"shocked" that the Governor admitted to having an affair. When I read Mrs. Sanford's first statement that she didn't know where he was but wasn't concerned, I knew then that she knew he exactly where he was and what he was doing. Her later statement was also interesting; she made sure that everyone knows that she has been a perfect wife.

We southern ladies know how to get our point across without actually letting the cat out of the bag. We don't like being "tacky" and saying that your husband is a lying, cheating dog would be tacky.

kenju said...

Hooray for Mrs. Sanford.

He's a louse and I hope we never have to hear from his or about him ever again.

Deanna said...

She's one up on Hillary. At least she didn't pretend to care and told it like it is. And where do these guys get off on thinking they can be in the public eye but yet get away with shit like this. Well, actually, where does anybody think they can...

Darlene said...

At last a political wife who will not "stand by her man."

I can't help but laugh when I think of all the money, time, effort wasted by the Republicans as they tried to destroy Bill Clinton with their impeachment hearings. As they say, "what goes around comes around".

Fox news, fair and balanced? I'd say they are unfair and unbalanced.

Betty said...

Sansego: You're right. It just drives me wild when people don't watch anything but Fox News for their info.

Patti: Fox does that all the time.

Ima Wizer: It's always the holier than thou ones who fall the hardest.

lucylocket: We don't like being tacky until we are old, then we just don't care what we say. lol

kenju: I don't think even he had the gall to try that.

Deanna: It always amazes me that they really do think they can get away with anything.

Darlene: And, Mark Sanford was one of the most vocal ones condemning Clinton. What a hypocrite!

Margaret said...

Yeah, I saw that when he disappeared and they said he was "trekking" in the Applachians! Sure~!!!!!! Well, thank goodness that the wife spoke up and didn't COWER behind him...
And, I watch Fox News now again, shall I be "blackballed"???LOLOL..
But, usually watch HLN on CNN...
What a bunch of malarky that they think that they are sneaky enough to get away with it~!!

Tincanman said...


The Republicans are missing their chance. They should start a commercial daytime soap-opera called, "Days Of Our Hypocrites" or maybe "The Guiding Hypocrisy". They seem to already have a full and colorful cast of characters.

As for Fox Noise Channel, their goal is complete and utter dishonesty. They excel at it.

Looking to the Stars said...

I love your post! And I enjoyed everybodys comments. Fox News is a joke and they think all of us are stupid. Its nice to see the Republicans getting crapped on (again) LOL

Betty said...

Margaret: Watch anything you want to. No blackballing on this site. Just don't watch any of them exclusively. They're all biased, to a certain extent.

tincanman and Looking to the Stars: I just can't watch Fox news for any length of time. Did you hear that Rush Limbaugh says that Obama is to blame for Gov. Sanford's pecadillo?

Grayquill said...

The world keeps turning...and there is nothing new.
Same story different time, different people.
It all gets rather mundane at times.