Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

It's no wonder that I love to sleep. My dreams are endlessly entertaining. Last night's was no exception. It unfolded, as they all do, like a mini-movie, in which I may or may not play a major role. I am, unfailingly, much younger and much thinner. Hey, now! Stop that snickering! It's MY dream and I can be whoever and whatever I like. So, there. I don't go overboard, really. I'm never a raving beauty, for instance. One can't have everything.

Anyway, about last night's weird dream. It seems I was at the Public Library, trying to check out some books, and the librarian informed me that I already had books that were overdue, so until I brought them back, "No books for you."

After promising to be back in a few minutes, I left. When I got to the parking lot, my car was gone. This is a common occurrence in my dreams. I've never been able to figure it out, but, I'll bet a dream analyst could tell me what it all means. I have always developed strong bonds with my cars, and I don't see anything particularly strange about it, but I can never seem to find them in my dreams.

I went back inside and called the police, who arrived almost immediately. It's a dream, remember? So, I described my car as a cross between a Smart Car and a golf cart. They told me it should be easy to find, since it was so unusual. Then, they left without offering me a ride.

So, I called my father and asked him to come and get me and take me to my mother's house, where I was staying. He said he wouldn't come and get me because he didn't want to go anywhere near my mother. I told him he could let me out a block away, and I'd walk, but he said "That's still too close."

I called my mother, who had one of those loud, high-pitched, whiny voices that make you want to stick a well-sharpened pencil in your ear. She said she'd send her live-in boyfriend, who bore a striking resemblance to Onslow (from "Keeping Up Appearances"). I said I'd call a cab.

Then, I woke up. The dream may still be playing itself out in the far reaches of my mind, but that's ok. They all end abruptly. I never know what they mean, if anything. And the people I call my parents or friends or acquaintances never look like the ones in my waking moments. If they're trying to tell me something, I never seem to get the message.

But, enough of weird dreams. I have another one to tell about, but it'll wait until next time.

Stay tuned.


Arkansas Patti said...

It is fun to laugh along with someone else's dream. Thanks.
I also lose my car regularly and after looking all night, I end up walking incredibly long distances home. In the good ones, I recognize while dreaming that it is a recurring one and tell the dream to bug off, I don't want to play. That feels good.

kenju said...

My dreams are few and far between lately, but I had a funny one the other night that woke me up. I know what happened; I had a lot of drainage in my throat and couldn't breathe (really) and in the dream, a nurse was telling me to shout and hold the shout while breathing out. I woke up yelling "Heeellllllllloooooooo" and looked around sheepishly to see if I had woken mr. kenju and our daughter who is here visiting this weekend.
By that time I could breathe

Kay Dennison said...

I don't remember dreams too often. I wish I did -- then again, maybe not.

Deanna said...

You lose your cars regularly in dreams? Lucky you! I lose mine regularly in real life... I've been known to walk in one entrance of a mall and exit out another, then walk all the way around the parking lot looking for my car.

Funny dream. Can't wait to hear about the other one.

Betty said...

Arkansas Patti: I've had the "long walk home" dream, too, and wake up tired. lol

Kenju: That would be a scary dream.

Kay: My dreams are so entertaining, sometimes I can't wait for the next one.

Punkn: Oh, I've done that once or twice, too. My friend and I unknowingly went out the wrong door at a mall, and thought her car had been stolen. Good thing we realized our mistake before we called the cops!

Nancy said...


Be careful what you say about Onslow!He is my favorite.

I love the way Daisy adores him and thinks he is wonderful in his underwear.

If you don't want him in your dreams, send him over to me.He has kept me amused for many years..

Joan said...

Wow...I'm thinking you have the basic outline here for a "must-see" television episode for just about any crime drama. It certainly is more creative and interesting than anything I've seen on the tube lately.

Tink said...

Lol! Wow. I think you and I are kindred spirits. My dreams are better than most movies. Last night I was holding on to the back of a speed boat. When I let go, it sent me flying into the air. Instead of being scared, I was thrilled and asked the boat guy to do it again.

Looking to the Stars said...

LOL! I love it, can't wait till the next one. If I remember my dreams in the morning then its rare.Plus, I don't dream that much. looking forward to your next one :)

Looking to the Stars said...
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Kathryn said...

While you are in a dream it isn't a dream - it is reality, and the bear-bite hurts; hurts in a perfectly real way.
- Mark Twain

Check out for all things Twain, as well as a writing contest!

Darlene said...

Betty, that is so funny. I love your sense of humor.

Write your dreams down and you will have a good plot for a book. You will just have to write the ending.