Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Cold Everywhere

Well, it was quite a week, last week. We had an ice storm that knocked out power all across North Arkansas. I realize that some folks still don't have electricity, and I'm sorry about that, but I didn't have electricity for forty-eight hours, and it IS all about me, you know. I suffered!

I tried to stay warm by "layering". I put on heavy socks, sweatpants, nightgown, robe, and a shawl that Kell knitted for me. Quite the fashion statement.Then, I got into my recliner, which warmed up pretty quickly, and covered myself with a wool blanket that Kell brought me from Scotland. Just as I began to feel comfortable, I began to feel that familiar urge. I had to pee. So, I threw off the blanket and the shawl and went into the coldest room in the house. When I got back, the chair had gotten cold and I had to begin the layering process all over again, with the shawl and the blanket. This was repeated off and on for two days. Between trips, I got hungry. Oh, man. Going all-electric used to seem like such a wonderful plan. No gas bill to pay. But, I would have emptied my bank account for a gas stove that week.
The worst thing about it, surprisingly, was the boredom. It was not quite bright enough in the room for my elderly eyes to read and, if it had been, I would have had to put on goves to hold the book. Awkward.
It's over now, though, except for the cleanup. It looks as though almost every tree in the apartment complex suffered some degree of damage. Jay drove all over the area taking pictures, and said there was devastation everywhere.
The best thing about being out of power was not hearing the news of the latest Presidential appointee's tax problems. It's simply beyound me that someone like Tom Daschle, who has been in government for so many years, would accept an appointment and not disclose the fact that he owed over $100,000 in taxes. He says it was an honest mistake, as did Tim Geithner, another nominee, but all I know is if I earned the kind of money that they obviously do, I'd have an accountant doing my taxes for me, and I wouldn't have to worry about "forgetting" to pay up, or not realizing you had to pay taxes on something.
I don't know much about the vetting process, but I have a feeling that one of the questions they were both asked was, "Is there anything in your past that might cause embarrassment to the President if, after he offers you this job he is likely to see splashed across the fron pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post the next morning?" That would be your cue to say, "Well, there is one pesky little tax problem........"
President Obama seems to have quite an uphill climb convincing the Republicans to engage in a little bipartisanship. Evidently, they still think they can continue their long-standing habit of obstructionism by all voting against everything that would benefit the American people. I think it is about to become abundantly clear what they are doing. Then, I hope their "people" will let them know that they don't appreciate their efforts.
By the way, please forgive the spacing, or lack thereof in this post. I have tried to fix it numerous times, but it just insists on doing it however it wants to. I don't know why Blogger even has an edit feature, if it never works right. (sigh)

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

I am glad to know that you have your power back now! I went without it for 7-8 days a few years ago, and it was hell.

Daschle was supposedly told by his tax man that he didn't have to report that as income - but we'll probably never know the real truth. It is odd, and I wish Obama would appoint some people who have no strikes against them!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back to normal and warm again. We don't appreciate electricity till there is none. I was out for 4 days in the same storm but did have heat and cooking. Yea propane. Some in my area though are looking at a March date for "let there be light."

I too was sorely disappointed by the flawed appointees. I agree that it would be nice to have clean guys to lead us. Sadly I don't know many people in my own life that could pass a spotless test, including me. Hopefully we can get the least flawed possible to lead us. Think my idealism has been damaged by age. Sorry.

Betty said...

kenju: To tell you the truth, I don't think the tax problems are all that serious as long as they are rectified. These are not the kinds of "scandals" that would diminish their expertise.

patti: I don't know many people who could live up to the standards set by, let's face it, the national media. I agree that we should try to get the least flawed, but that might be hard to find. See? I'm cynical, too. lol

Darlene said...

I know the feeling of having an all electric house with no power. We were out of power for a week in Colorado Springs when we were hit with an unexpected snow storm. You can sure be inventive with meals. How many sandwiches can you eat? And cold - you bet. I have an all electric town house now but outages are not an issue.

I can also identify with you on blog spot's editing tool You have to be a geek and know how to edit hot mail. I had trouble trying to make my print smaller on yesterday's blog to no avail. I just gave up and let Blog Spot take up lots of room.

Re: the Republican obstructionists - they don't pass the smell test.

Dianne said...

glad you've got power back!!

The Republicans disgust me, but then that's nothing new.

Joy Des Jardins said...

So glad you're back to normal Betty. I've been without electricity for maybe a day a couple of times...that was bad enough.

I was disappointed by these appointed officials too; but more upset for Obama and having to deal with this on top of everything else right now. Just what he needs in his new presidency...and more fodder for those who want to jump at every chance to prove his decisions wrong. (Like it's his fault.) It just bothers the you-know-what out of me.

Betty said...

darlene: Inventive with meals is right. We were about to resort to Spam and Vienna Sausages when the power came back on and saved us.

dianne: Me, too.

Joy: I liked the way Obama handled the situation, though. The man can take responsibility, something new since the last couple of presidencies(is that a word?)

Looking to the Stars said...

Glad you have power now. I don't know how these people get away from paying taxes, we are self employed and I pay estimated taxes 4 times a year and they let me have it in penalities and with a not so nice letter. I was late only once, never again. Makes you think the IRS goes after the small fish because they can fry them but the big fish get away with all they can.
You know Gov. Richardson of NM was one of Obama's appointees, he pulled out early because they were going to bring up a construction contract that he gave to a Calif firm. These other people should've pulled out early to!

Anonymous said...

I almost feel guilty when I watch those terrible snow storms. It has been beautiful here with the temperature in the 70's. You can remind me that my perfect winter weather is totally made up for with 110 degree summer heat and power outages that take away our air-conditioning.

Chancy said...

Betty. Thank goodness your power came back on. That can be so miserable. We haven't had a bad ice storm in Atlanta for many years now but just the memory of one makes me shiver. Years ago when the ice storm was terrible and the electricity was off for days our bathroom got so cold that the lavatory sink cracked wide open.


Cazzie!!! said...

*UNREAL! Our situations with power black outs are so similar, yet ours is due to heat. Tomorrow is set to be the hottest day ever recorded in Melbourne Australia..I do not look forward to it since a power surge following our black out last week blew up our air conditioner. So, good old fashioned face flannels wet and frozen will be donned around our necks..and plenty of water will be consumed.

Betty said...

Hello, Looking to the Stars: I have never had problems with the IRS (knock wood), but I have known others who have been hounded by them. Not fun.

Maria: And, well you should feel guilty. lol. I think everyone should have a day or two without power to make them appreciate how easy our lives are with it. However, I don't think anyone should have to put up with the kind of heat that you do.

chancy: Why oh why is the bathroom always the coldest room in the house?

cazzie: I do believe I'd rather be cold, without heat, than hot without air conditioning. I feel your pain.