Monday, February 09, 2009

Awards Show Addict

Oh, I do love the awards shows! From the People's Choice all the way through to the Oscars, I'm there, starting with the red carpet extravaganza. I love to see the stars strut their stuff, which can't be easy for the women in their four-inch heels. I want to hear who they're wearing, too, although I admit I have never seen another person hanging off any of their shoulders.

So, I watched the Grammys last night and even though I only recognized three names, I soldiered on to the bitter end. It was pretty entertaining, for a bunch of strangers.

Every year, I have a recurring memory that appears like the ghost of Grammys past, of the night that Gary Shandling hosted the show. He announced the Red Hot Chile Peppers and I hope you saw the stunned expression on his face when he beheld their attire, or lack thereof. He recovered quickly, looked into the camera and said, "Don't look, Mom!" I don't think he ever hosted again. What a shame.

As usual Ryan Seacrest was doing the honors on the red carpet, and at one point he came back from commercial with some Breaking Gossip. Seems that the night before, at Clive Owens' Grammy party, Chris Brown and an "unnamed woman" were in an altercation. A few moments later, he anounced that Rihanna would not be performing. Also, Chris Brown wouldn't be there, either. So much for not naming the woman. Shucks! I was looking forward to seeing them perform, whoever they are. Now, I'm curious. Do you think Rihanna has bruises that show? How about Chris? Does he have some scratch marks down his face? Details, I want details!

There was a rather, um, uncomfortable moment when very, very pregnant M.I.A. (don't ask) bounced onto the stage and performed with four popular rappers, whose names I couldn't possibly be expected to know, pronounce or remember. M.I.A.'s "maternity dress" was quite indescribable, other than to say she looked like a Weeble with legs. Today was her due date, also. Who says there's no drama at the Grammy's? 'Nuff said.

I must say, Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond made the whole evening worthwhile, but why on earth were they limited to only one song? Seems to me the occasion called for medleys. I also enjoyed Allison Kraus and Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant. They won the Grammy for "Best Album".

In conclusion I would like to reiterate what I have iterated so many times in the past few years: Rap. Is. Not. Music.

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

I couldn't agree more about Rap. I admit to liking the rhythms of some of it, but that is all.

Looking to the Stars said...

I agree too, Rap is not music. The music really died when rap came onto the scene.
I think performers like Paul McCartney and Robert Plant should have more then one song, medleys would be a good idea. You should write the awards and submit your idea to them.
If they don't hear from the people they will continue blindly down thier little path.

ecrunner said...

I'm going to jump right into this band wagon and agree that Rap is not music! I hate rap and I would never hype it up on or on anything else! It sucks!

Jay said...

Rap is music.

The Jonas Bros? Not so much.

Margie's Musings said...

No, Rap is not music. Ask any musician!

Arkansas Patti said...

Give you huge credit for even watching. I just can't wade thru the Rap to get to the good stuff. Think our parents thought that way about Rock and Roll?
Thanks for the good laugh. I'll take your review over having to watch it any day.

Betty said...

kenju: I's just talking to a beat. I don't get it.

looking to the stars: I'll write if you will.

ecrunner: Thanks for agreeing.

jay: No, it isn't. But, I agree with you about the Jonas Bros.

margie: Music has an important element that is lacking in rap - a melody.

arkansas patti: It is the one awards show that makes me realize just how old I have gotten. :-)

Anonymous said...

I defiently am not into this Rap stuff. I don't know how anyone can listen to it for longer than it takes to change the channel!

Darlene said...

Rap is just a beat. Tom toms in the jungle have a beat, but they are not music. I have only heard Rap a few times and the lyrics (?) are disgusting. Music? No way!

Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney (I miss the Beatles), Neil Diamond, Allison Kraus ( a real jewell to listen to), Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant. All real music. RAP, sadly, is just excruciatingly obnoxious noise set to rhythm. Wait! I think the same or worse was said at various times about Elvis (the pelvis), Rock & Roll (sinful, repulsive noise of Satan) and Plant's earlier work with Led Zeppelin (noise of degenerates). Sigh! Maybe it's just a generational thing and maybe I'm too old but I still must agree:
Rap. Is. Not. Music

savannah said...

i just bought the cd of all the nominated songs! perfect car music - a blend of pop, rock, rap and country! what a wonderful world we live in, sugar! xoxo (but, i didn't watch the grammy' you win for musical tolerance!)

Joan said...

I agree with you that RAP is not music. I've heard it referred to as "street poetry" and maybe it is but it sure isn't lyrical to me.

Cazzie!!! said...

I would wear a lovely dress with nice accessories and some comfy heels and put a gorgeous after 5 bag on my shoulder if I went to such an event. I could even sew my own clothes for it... Cazzie Wear..oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

I haven't really watched or paid much attention to the award shows lately, but will agree: Rap is NOT music. It's just a beat, with usually undecipherable words.

Betty said...

tincanman: The difference between the entertainers of our generation and those of today is that our idols actually carried a tune.

patsyann: I hung in there until I saw Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond.

darlene: Luckily, I can't ever understand the lyrics.

savannah: To each his own, right?

joan: "Street Poetry" is probably a better term for it.

cazzie: So, then, you could answer, "I'm wearing Cazzie!" Neat.

trish: Thanks for commenting - and for agreeing.