Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comments On Old News

First, I would like to that Joy for the Van Gogh's Ear award. It was created by Roger, of Idaho Photo . If you would like to read more about the award, you can go to Roger's website. OK? Thank you, Joy. I'll put the award on my site as soon as I can. In the meantime, here it is:



I've fallen behind a bit in making fun of people in the news. It's not that I've decided to be nicer. I just wanted my first couple of 2009 blogs to reflect my mellower mood, now that W's interminable term is coming to an end. So, back to business.

It is rare that I am rendered speechless by the activities of people in the public eye. I like to think I'm beyond being surprised by the news, but sometimes I'm proven wrong. Joe, the plumber, has gone to Iraq, posing as a war correspondent. The mind boggles.

Here's an idea, though. As I understand it, Iraq is having serious infrastructure problems. It is not beyone the realm of possibility that they could use a plumber. Since he's already there, maybe he could be useful, after all.


I would love to stop talking about Sarah Palin, if only SHE would stop talking. She keeps popping up and the media types keep paying attention to her whining. Now, she has decided that the media was out to get her, especially Katie Couric. She feels that Katie set her up by asking what she reads. Katie caught her off-guard.

Now, really. How difficult was that question? If comeone stopped me on the street and asked me what I read, I could reel off four or five things, starting, perhaps, with the local newspaper.

It seems to me that since she has been playing to the base of the Republican Party, the religious right, her knee-jerk answer should have been, "I read the Bible." That would have bought her some time to think. Then, she could move on to her local newspaper, and the Washington Post, New York Times, the National Enquirer, Mad Magazine, etc.

I was amused to hear that her latest theory is that Caroline Kennedy is not suffering from the same unfair scrutiny by the media that they subjected Sarah to. She claims it's a matter of class. Sarah. Please. It's a matter of which one of you was campaigning to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency, and which one would merely like to be appointed to the office of Junior Senator from New York.

Besides, Caroline has been criticized by the media. She is not a very good public speaker, but she can learn. Uncle Teddy could certainly help here, there. Even I was annoyed when I heard her speak one night, you know? You know, you know, you know. She has also been criticized because it is the perception of the media that she isn't qualified for the office. This remains to be seen, of course. She will only serve two years, and then, if she doesn't produce, the people of New York will replace her.


Anyhoo, I think that the comedy team of Joe and Sarah should just go away. Which will probably happen when Barack Obama is sworn in, and can become the target of all the snarky talking heads. He's bound to do things somebody doesn't like.


kenju said...

LOL.....I am sure that everything he does will be under total scrutiny and all of them will carp about everything.

Kay Dennison said...

Of course they will! It's their job!

As to Caroline, I think she's definitely a better speaker than Ms. Alaska -- and it only took her 4 years to get through Radcliffe.

That anyone as stupid as Joe or Sarah is getting any attention astounds me. Has our collective intelligence dropped so low?

Karen said...

I am waiting for you to start "making fun of" the new administration. I think I would enjoy those post much more than the ones that cut down Palin. ;-)

Dianne said...

did you see where Joe said he'd be safe in Isreal because "as a Christian God will look after me" - !!!!

so I guess that's the problem in Isreal and Gaza - they're not Christian

as for Sarah - I just keep waiting for her to be photographed leaving the family run meth house.

Darlene said...

I am astounded that the media is still giving Sarah time. She has nothing to offer but her famous wink and smile. There are so many really interesting people to scrutinize.

As for Caroline - the talking heads have been cutting her down. Apparently Sarah has selective memory, because she got far more kudos than she deserved. Katie didn't sandbag her - Sarah, with her ignorance did herself in. If she wasn't prepped, she showed her lack of intelligence in every interview she held.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You are truly welcome Betty...and the award is well deserved. I love your blog, your writing, and your humor.

What a joke about Joe the Plumber...only in America...Geesh.

Sarah...when will it end? I wonder if she has one ounce of regret for even one of the horrific things she said and did during the campaign...let alone the stupid and embarrassing ones. That should be enough to send most normal human beings into hiding for the rest of their days, but somehow she lives off of those moments...it's just sick. She's going to milk this for everything she can get. Big surprise, huh?

Anonymous said...

Palin complains that Caroline is getting better press and it's all about 'class'. I think she's right. Caroline has class, Palin has none.

Anonymous said...

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