Sunday, November 02, 2008

Single Party Rule

Only two more days, and am I glad! I'll bet you're ready for me to shut up and sit down. And I will, as soon as I do my recap of the election next week. I don't know what I'll blog about, then, but it won't be about politics. At least, not as long as things are going the way I want them to. lol

But, until then:

Sara Palin must have been smoking some wacky tobaccy when she received a phone over the weekend and believed it was really Monsieur Sarcozy, President of France. She even sounded high, with all the giggles and flirty conversation. "We'll have to go hunting together" (giggle).

I don't know how the phone call got through to her. Her "people" were certainly not on the ball. They didn't "vet" the Sarcozy call any better than McCain vetted Sarah. On the other hand, it may very well show that McCain has cast her adrift and is no longer trying to protect her. Or, maybe she has jumped ship and gone off on her own, as the pundits keep suggesting. Either way is ok with me. She has become irrelevant to about everyone except that far right wacko wing of the party, and they are welcome to her.

If she accidentally happens to become Vice President, I'll be the little old lady sitting on the sidelines, laughing my butt off, and John McCain had better watch his back and take his doctor with him everywhere he goes.


Why did the McCain camp ridicule Obama for going to Chicago and taking his daughter trick-or-treating on Hallowe'en? Of course, it was a perfect opportunity for a photo-op, but it was also the very thing a good father would do. I'm just amazed that he found the time, what with all his "palling around" with terrorists and other unsavory types.


Now, here's my rant for today.

Until Newt Gingrich and his band of merry Neocons emerged on the scene, I was in favor of divided government, that is, a President from one party, and the legislative branch, a majority of the opposite party. The theory of checks and balances seemed to work better that way.

But, Gingrich ushered in the era of nasty rhetoric non-cooperation and no-compromise. Since then, precious little has been accomplished because the Neocons dug in their heels and refused any compromises on any subject. Common civility went out the window, as Gingrich gave the Republicans a list of buzz-words to use in their speeches that were designed to degrade the other party. And, they have used those same tired words and phrases ever since. They let George W. Bush get away with whatever outrage he felt like, and after eight long years we can see how well that turned out.

So, now, there's a possibility that the Democrats will be back in power in both branches of government, and all of a sudden, the Republicans support the idea of divided government again. Sarah Palin and John McCain whine about it every day, and isn't that just too bad.

It's going to take a long time and a lot of practice before both sides can learn to respect and trust each other, again. Until that happens, our image in the world will not be elevated and nothing will be done to solve our many problems at home.

I am still in favor of divided government, in theory, but I believe that at this particular time, the Democrats give us the best chance of healing and going forward. We have problems that seem almost insurmountable, and they will require everyone's non-partisan cooperation, and the Democrats seem to be the only group willing to try.

More later.


Darlene said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Betty.

Obama will need a fillibuster proof majority to keep the angry Republicans from blocking everything he tries to do.

We need health care reform now and we won't get it unless Obama has the power of a solid Democratic majority behind him. I only hope that some of those Demos elected aren't the blue dog variety.

patsy said...

there is nothing wrong with a solid goverment as long as it is demorcate!

kenju said...


Dianne said...

they ridiculed his taking his kid trick or treating!!?

but they plaster Sarah and her brood all over

I'm getting a brain tumor from all this

wanna laugh at me? ya know you do!

when I first read 'Palin goes rogue' I thought they meant as in make-up/blush!!!
then I heard them actually say the word and could not believe myself!!

Richard said...

Betty: I didn't hear about the Halloween thing, still, it sounds like them.

As to one party rule; I think their will be plenty of oppostition and dissension to go around.


Anonymous said...


Do you think if McCain is elected and has Sarah Palin skulking around the halls of the White House ,he should have a food taster?

I do, and I recommend Newtie for the job.....

Betty said...

darlene: Right-o. We need yellow dog Democrats at the moment.

patsy & kenju: My sentiments, exactly.

dianne: Would I laugh at you?

richard: Yes, I don't think we need worry about a lovefest, after the new wears off.

nancy: Newtie. Yes, let's get Newtie for that job.

savannah said...

i'm in the middle of moving, sugar, so i haven't been around to read, but you have my heart on this one! i voted early and i have to admit, since that day i've ignored the republican ranting on the tv and now i see i haven't missed anything new. i hope on nov 5th, senator mccain wakes up and realizes how he has squandered his legacy and reputation.


nan16 said...

I totally agree with you. I voted early too. McCain's campaign was down and dirty and it all came out of their mouths. If something was said about McCain that they didn't like, it was all said by the media. I sort of liked McCain until he picked Palin and then it was all over for me. And down here in Texas one can get their heads handed to them if you mention the "D" or the "O" words.

Betty said...

savannah: My daughter fleetingly thought she might vote for McCain but when she saw the kind of campaign he was running, and his choice of Palin,she landed solidly in Obama's camp.

nan16: Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to remember the venom and hate that has spewed forth from Democratic mouths for eight years.... but then I wouldn't expect you to... we will see.