Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Points to Ponder

I have questions, and no answers.

1. What is Henry Paulson up to?

2. Why should we bail out the Automobile manufacturers when they have sent so many jobs out of the country?

3. What could Sarah Palin possibly find to write a book about that anyone would be interested in reading?

4. Will Hillary be offered the position of Secretary of State? Will she accept? Will Bill be able to keep from messing everything up for her?

5. What will happen to Bill Richardson? Surely he deserves a place in Obama's administration. How about John Kerry?

6. Since Joe Lieberman will keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee, will he be loyal to the Democrats?

7. Where will all the workers go if the Auto industry is allowed to file bankruptcy?

8. Why has the media resurrected New Gingrich?

9. What will the Obama girls name their puppy?

10. Can you tell I can't think of anything to write about?


Karen said...

I am very excited to read Palin's book. Maybe you are not her market, but I think she certainly has many interested readers.

I am also so over this puppy, stuff. Seriously. Do we have enough real stuff to think about in the country?

Did you see that the auto execs took private jets to Congressional hearing to beg for money? I'd be more apt to consider it if they flew coach.

Kay Dennison said...

1. No good.
2. Because they paid some politicians big bucks to do it?
3. Dunno -- I heard she hasn't finished coloring the last one.
4. Who knows? Who knows? I doubt it.
5. Possible. Maybe. No word on John.
6. I hope not.
7. The unemployment line and bankruptcy court.
8. Because they can.
9. How 'bout Sarah? LOL
10. Yeah, but these are good questions.

Darlene said...

I can only answer two. Number 4 is YES and NO. Number 6 is NO.

Kay's answer to number 3 is a hoot.

Betty said...

karen: I'd have been happier if the auto execs had driven one of their products to Washington D.C.
Enjoy Sarah's book. :)

kay: Love your answers.

darlene: I agree.

Dianne said...

It would be impossible to do better than Kay's answers!!

Newt said...

Maybe you need a spot on the Obama Administration! I think you would rock at it!

K. said...

"3. What could Sarah Palin possibly find to write a book about that anyone would be interested in reading?"

I monitor a Palinista blog. At one point, there was prolonged discussion about the kind of book she should write. The consensus was for something far-ranging that combines her vision for America's future, her thoughts on the Constitution, and her ideas for foreign policy. Really. It's like they think -- make that fervently believe -- Palin is a right-wing version of Adlai Stevenson.