Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What Does She Do Now?


She ran a heckuva race, didn't she? In many ways, I am disappointed that she is not going to be the Democratic candidate. I really, really wanted to be able to help elect a woman as our President. And, last night, I was saying that Obama couldn't NOT offer her the V.P. slot.

But, today, after a lot of thought, I wonder if it would be a good idea, after all, to have her as V.P. For one thing, there's that giant piece of baggage named "Bill". The general election campaign could very well turn into a rehash of all their troubles when he was President. Of course, this wouldn't be fair to her, but, the media hasn't been fair to her during the primary campaign, so imagine how tickled they would be to get to bash Bill the rest of the way. Every day would be a flashback, with pictures and sound bites, starting with Gennifer Flowers, and moving on to that woman, Monica Lewinsky, to clips of Bill wagging his finger at the camera, and on and on and on.

And who wants to see the smarmy face of Kenneth Starr again, taking out his garbage on his way to work? Or Tim Russert and Chris Matthews smirking at the camera, talking about that blue dress with what Matthews called "presidew" on it? Shudder.

So, sorry, Hillary, but it just might not be a good idea for you to be on the ticket. Of course, I DO believe that you should hold some place of honor in Obama's administration. Something, possibly, cabinet level. Off hand, I can see you heading up the Healthcare initiative, as long as you will do it Obama's way, and not co-opt it for yourself. That shouldn't bee too difficult, since you and Obama are so close to agreement on that issue. This would leave you free to continue as the Senator from New York, and keep up the good work there.

So, who will Obama's running mate be? My suggestion is Bill Richardson. He has a wealth of knowledge in foreign policy, as well as a pretty good handle on the immigration problems. Those two issues alone would be helpful to any president, and as far as anyone can tell, Obama doesn't have a lot of experience in either one of those areas. He may have excellent ideas, but it is going to take experience to carry out those ideas.

Anyway, there will be a lot of speculation over the next several days and weeks. Obama will have all the help he needs to make his choices.

I just wish he were a woman.


Karen said...

Richardson would be a great choice. I also like Joe Biden a lot.

And I hear Bloomberg's name throw around quite a bit today. Something about that seems good to me because Bloomberg is strong in the financial areas.

Jay said...

The problem with Bloomberg is that he's not actually a Democrat. Even though most of his policies fit with the Dem platform.

Maybe Obama thinks outside the box and goes with Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa? Or a congressman/woman from Texas or a southern state.

patsy said...

I don't think Obama will want her so this is a dead issue. as for what obama did about his church. he resigned and took his wife and children with him.
ABERDEEN, S.D. (AP) - Barack Obama has resigned his 20 year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and more recent fiery remarks at the church by another minister.
Obama campaign communications director Robert Gibbs said Obama had resigned from the church "over the last few days."

Campaign aides said they weren't immediately certain how the resignation took place, whether by letter or in some other fashion, and were trying to find out.

Word Tosser said...

yes, Betty...great minds do run

Joy Des Jardins said...

You make some very valid points about Hillary running for VP....I totally agree. Richardson is a good choice. These next weeks should be what's new.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your thoughts about Hillary and the Vice Presidency.

I am wondering if John Edwards might not be a good choice for Obama's running mate?

Anonymous said...


Good post. Especially the part about how unfair Chris Matthews and Tim Russert were to Hillary during the campaign.They were brutal! Even Olberman got his two cents in every night. The only guy who was completely fair about Hillary was..... are you ready ?? PAT BUCHANAN...He actually seemed like he liked her.At least he was fair.

About the Vice Presidency. Bill Richardson would make a good choice. Obama is going to need all the help he can get to prove he's got something under the slick exterior. When he gets in and the bloom is off the rose, they will pick on every little mistake he makes and a guy like B.R. can help him over the hump.. He's a smart fellow and yes, foreign policy and Immigration are going to be key to the success of Obama's administration so he needs Richardson's expertise in both these matters.

Donna said...

I could never claim being so deep into politics that I know all the players names and parties, well, outside of the "stars" so to speak, so my speculation might sound silly.

At first I thought it might be a great idea for her to run as VP -- if they won she would at least have the experience of being VP under her belt (for whatever that's worth). Then I thought, is that really worth anything?

But, yeah, I have to agree with you. It probably wouldn't be good for Obama's race for the presidency.

Effin' media ticks me off. As long as the media distorts, misrepresents and depicts people, places and things, we'll never have full interest and participation from all Americans eligible to vote.

That said, I know for me this race has garnered my interest and held it. That's a first. Usually by now I'm fed up. I'm fed up, sure, but I'm not tossin' my hands up and walking away yet. :)

Kell said...

One of the problems with Hillary, personally for me, was that although other women where trying to hold her up as the ultimate feminist, and isn't-it-great-she's-a-woman candidate, she didn't seem to embrace that herself. She tried very hard to come across as one of the guys--just as tough. She told Obama that if he couldn't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but it didn't come across as the feminist defiance as I would think it should. Instead, she seemed to be pandering to the old white males, trying to prove she's just as strong if not stronger. I keep seeing Elizabeth I riding out in her father's army to reassure her army that she was every bit as tough as her father. Hillary rides out in her expensive suits and short, coifed hair cut. It was hard for me to get behind her as a feminist when she came across more androgynous.

Dianne said...

"Effin' media ticks me off. As long as the media distorts, misrepresents and depicts people, places and things, we'll never have full interest and participation from all Americans eligible to vote."

Amen to Donna!!
What a perfect way to express it.

I think Richardson would be a great VP.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad it's all over...the primary, at least. The drama was wearing me down. I have been behind Obama from the very beginning. Not sure who should be the VP pick.

Kell said...

Sorry, I meant to say Elizabeth riding out in her father's armor to reassure her army. I really should read closer :)

Betty said...

Thank you all for your comments. I've been neglecting my responses for a while, but I'll try to do better.

Alan: I don't think John Edwards wants that job.