Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Randomness

I'm spinning out of control! Stop me, before I begin to like sports! Lately, I have been watching soccer, and find myself liking it. It's not so much a fondness for the game, itself, but enjoyment of the surrounding activities. I do wonder if they ever suffer a whiplash when they snap the ball with their heads. That must be hard on their necks.

I like the way the teams for both sides bring out little boys with them, dressed in the team uniforms. I like the way the crowds spontaneously burst into song when their teams do something they like, and whistle when something strikes them as wrong.

I like looking at the players (woo-hoo), and noting their physical differences by nationality. I like listening to the announcers. They are so very civil. And they can pronounce all those names with only consonants in them.

And, I especially like the referees when they stand there and laugh when one of the players gets kicked in the family jewels.


How about Obama's choice of Elizabeth Edwards to head up his Health initiative. This can't have made Hillary happy. I didn't hear, though, whether this will be just for the campaign, or a place in his administration. It makes sense, though, because John Edwards and Barack Obama are much closer in their methods of achieving universal health care than Obama and Hillary are.


Speaking of Obama, what was he thinking when he said in an interview Monday that he would like to see people given yet another stimulus check? He didn't elaborate much, except to say that it would help people get through the summer. Hmmmmmmmm. Was he momentarily possessed by the ghost of G.W. Bush?


There was an article in the London Daily Mail describing the way John McCain treated his ex-wife when he came home from Vietnam and didscovered that she had been disfigured in a terrible wreck and had undergone several surgeries during a six month period. After her wreck, apparently Ross Perot footed all her medical bills, and, incidentally, has nothing good to say about McCain. When McCain returned, witnesses recounted, he began his womanizing almost immediately. Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer, and started divorce proceedings. This was about the time he decided that Cindy would be a more attractive mate, not to mention all her millions.

This man has a cruelty streak a mile wide.


I feel so sorry for all those folks battling the weather all over the midwest. The flooding is widespread and many people have no flood insurance. Wouldn't you know the insurance companies don't want to cover the kind of natural disasters that would be the most likely to do widespread damage.


Oh, no! Salmonella in the tomato supply! Roma tomatoes are on the list. What will all the Italian restaurants do?

Stay tuned.


Bear Naked said...

From what I have just read the tomatoes are supposed to have originated in Mexico.

kenju said...

I seldom read the papers anymore, so I didn't know Obama had chosen Elizabeth. She's a very smart woman, so she is as qualified as anyone, I think. A man I know who worked for John 4-5 years ago said he thought John Edwards was the smartest person he had ever met - until he met Elizabeth.

Karen said...

McCain remained married to his first wife for 10 years after returning to the US. Yes, she was disfigured and in a wheelchair when he returned, but to this day he takes care of her and their 3 children (her's that he adopted and one their's). He did not abandon her and that story is crazy.

Thank God, the first wife (Carol) is walking and is as stong as she is today. She says they remain good friends.

Anonymous said...

I played adult soccer for a bout 20 years and so watching it provides a very rhythmic restfulness. I makes sense to me. That ball looks a lot lighter (like a beachball) to kick than it really is.

Jay said...

Karen: By McCain's own admission he began cheating on his first wife almost immediately after he returned. Everyone who knew them at the time admits it too. They also admit that McCain was "repulsed" by his wife and wouldn't really have anything to do with her. Obviously Carol believes she deserved to be treated that way, but most people don't agree.

And I would call what he did "abandoning" her. Getting married to a beauty queen who also happened to be heir to a fortune that runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars less than one month after your divorce is finalized is "abandoning." Simply having your accountant write checks to your ex is not "taking care" of her.

So there! LOL ;-)

ME said...

Another stimulus check? Hell ya!

McCain scares the hell out of me. I can't stand to think what will happen if Obama doesn't make it.

The weather across the US is just crazy!

My sister had one of those bad tomato's and ended up with Salmonella.

Linda Murphy said...

My father is from Ecuador, so soccer is huge for his side of the family-example: he sent my firstborn son a brand-new regulation size soccer ball when he was born. My husband and I love watching soccer too and I think the announcers are great and full of life.

I agree with craze..McCain scares the daylights out of me.

Betty said...

bear naked : We're not too worried about the tomatoes here. The grocery stores are offering locally grown ones, which we have in abundance right now.

kenju: I think Elizabeth will do a fine job, and I'm glad she is feeling up to the task.

karen: Thanks for taking the time to comment, even if we don't agree about McCain. :-)

apathy lounge: You can also tell how fast those balls get going by the way they almost knock the goal keepers down.

jay: So right. Besides, by the time he left her, he was eyeing his political future, and it wouldn't have looked good if he hadn't agreed to support her. Besides, Cindy doesn't miss it. :)

craze: I don't mind another stimulus check, but, where are we getting all this money? I hope your sis is ok, now.

snoopmurph: A regulation soccer ball for a newborn? That's what I call a real fan!