Friday, April 11, 2008

Wordzzle - April 12


This week's Wrdzzle's 10-words are: galaxy, delta, redecorate, dearth, offshoot, Uther Pendragon, cordial, gingerbread, foretold, bonnet


Phoebe Pendragon, 73, died peacefully in her home on Gingerbread Lane Monday. She had no survivors and was predeceased by her husband of fifty-three years, Uther Pendragon.

Mrs. Pendragon fancied herself an arbiter of good taste throughout the Mississippi Delta. She often spoke to local groups about the need for gracious living through redecorating. Many days, she could be seen wearing one of her signature hand-made bonnets at the local Home Depot, here in Offshoot, Mississippi, in search of ideas for her latest redecorating projects.

Although cordial to a fault, she suffered from an unfortunate dearth of tact, which resulted in a rather solitary existence. Sadly, townsfolk were known to hurry away in the opposite direction whenever they heard the rattle of her ancient Ford Galaxy, which foretold her arrival.

Interment will be at the Offshoot Funeral Parlor at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, with luncheon following at Ikea.


And, the 5 words: palleate, asphyxiation, jungle, functionality, brass

In 1906, Archeologist David Farquar accidentally stumbled upon a new palleative for asphyxiation while in the jungles of Borneo, studying the functionality of the brass spittoon.

Thanks once again to Raven. Go to her blog for next week's words.


Raven said...

Both fantastic. I adore Mrs. Pendragon and her noisy Ford Galaxy. Wonderful!

Jay said...

The obituary idea was really clever. Great job!

Rich said...

Being a southern boy I have of course been to Offshoot more than once. It was not connected with any funerals though.

We were there for the annual Offshoot turkey shootoff held each fall.


Akelamalu said...

That was a brilliant idea to do an obituary!

Grannymar said...

That was wonderful. I learn something new everytime I visit.

Karen said...

I love that Obituary. Good job.

Kell said...

That was great and very clever. And I'm in awe of the second one that you could do that all in one concise sentence!

Nancy said...


BRAVO! I looked at those words and thought:"How in the World will she ever put all those words in one short item?"

Well, you did it. Good for you.

Dianne said...

this is great! love the obit!

Betty said...

Thanks, Raven. I'm enjoying your Wrdzzle challenges.

jay: Thank you. I'll be more upbeat next week, I hope.

Rich: I'll be you'd enjoy the Wild Turkey Calling Contest and Turkey Trot held here in Arkansas each fall.

akelamalu: I have no idea where the idea came from.

grannymar: Thanks, I like reading your blog, too.

Karen: Thanks. I enjoyed your vlog the other day.

kell: Thank you. You, too, can join the fun, you know.

nancy: It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Thanks.

thanks, dianne: I'm enjoyig yours, too.

SnoopMurph said...

I love the obituary idea. Well done!
I love how you used Offshoot as a town name and the Ford Galaxy for the car. It is always fun to see how different each participant's use of words can be.

I hope to come by on the next Wordzzle!