Monday, April 21, 2008

Cindy Who?

Cindy McCain was on "The View", as one of the co-hosts this morning, and much as I hate to admit it, I was impressed. She seemed very comfortable and refrained from quoting from the Republican Playbook. Of course, Elizabeth Hasselbeck was there to do that, if need be. Elizabeth never misses a chance to intone sentences starting with the ominous words, "in a time of war", or, "since we are at war". Cindy acquitted herself very well, I thought.

However, just because she impressed me in this instance doesn't mean that I won't be discussing her at length in not so glowing terms when the General Election campaign heats up. Heheh.


While listening to the news on CNN this morning, I realized that, while we have all been hearing about the "surge" working, we have been thinking about the "war" . Silly us. It's the oil prices that are "surging", and consequently, food prices are "surging". My rent "surged", also. For the second time in two years.

I'll bet the Bush family coffers are "surging", too.


I just don't know what to say about the cult in Texas. It is being reported that the anonymous call from that "16-year-old" girl accusing them of child abuse, etc., may well have been a hoax. Nevertheless, the Texas authorities are saying that there has been abuse going on, according to Texas law. Did you get a load of the Stepford Wives who came forth to cry on cue for the cameras? Those women CAN'T enjoy wearing those painfully unfashionable dresses and tresses, can they? Finally, this morning, a couple of the men appeared and, guess what? Next to the women, they were right spiffy-looking. Hmmmmmm. Something rotten, there.

I hope the authorities can get to the bottom of it.


I'll sure be glad when tomorrow's Primary in Pennsylvania is over. Not that it will solve anything. It has just been such a long time since the last primary, and the candidates have been getting sillier and sillier. Wonder if any of those voters in the earliest primaries have been wishing they could change their votes.

Serves them right for insisting on holding their primaries so early, and lengthening the political season.

To be continued.


Kell said...

When is Michelle Obama going to be hosting on the View?

All that stuff in Texas is really odd and disturbing. Even if it was a hoax, at least it got them in there, but I hope it wasn't a hoax. Interesting that the men are finally showing up. Guess they realized that the vacant-eyed women they sent out where only making them look worse. As if that would be possible.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Don't you just love it? The states who insisted on having early primaries because they wanted to have a voice are now long forgotten - Florida and Michigan not even being heard!

And little Puerto Rico, not even a state, will have it's say!

I guess good things do come to those who wait. At least sometimes. Lol.

Karen said...

If Michelle Obama does the View, then Bill Clinton will have to do it too. And I think they reserve male co-hosting to only gay men.

I didn't see the show today, but I really like Cindy. She gets a bad wrap, but she is intelligent.

And as unpopular as this may be (I am putting on my hard hat now) I adore Elizabeth Hasslebeck. As a young conservative woman, I find a lot of what she thinks and says relatable. It isn't easy (or popular) to be young and conservative AND a woman in this day and age.

Betty said...

kell: I hope they do have Michelle Obama on The View. She's really impressive. If they HAVE to have Bill on, too, then so be it. lol

dogwalkmusings: It's just getting funnier and funnier. I hope it isn't disastrous, also.

karen: Of course, I'm old enough to be Elizabeth's mother, but she strikes me as being unable to form her own opinions, because she relies so heavily on the talking points. As you say, though, it isn't easy being a young female Republican.

Judith Shapiro said...

I look forward to the day (will I live long enough?) when there is more than one male spouse of a presidential candidate to appear on The View.

Donna said...

Thanks for your note! Likewise, I'm enjoying your blog as well! :)

Anonymous said...

I read about those religious nutters in Texas, but I'm surprised that it's a big story over there as your country appears to be full of such sex. Oops! Sorry I meant sects. :-)

Betty said...

judith: Wouldn't that be great?? I'd love to see it, too.

donna: Thanks for cominb by.

big john: You scamp! You know, we're much too preoccupied with sects - er - sex, in this country.

Anonymous said...

In yesterday's mail (Tuesday) we received our first bit of propaganda for the upcoming primary - one from each candidate. It was very negative on both parts. I'm ready for this to be over also. I don't ever remember our state receiving attention from presidential candidates in this manner. It's also interesting to see their perception of us, as they try to win votes. It's going to be an interesting two weeks here.

DirkStar said...

I feel a surge working every time I watch the news these days...

Betty said...

gawilli: Expect it to really get down and dirty from here on.

dirkstar: So do I.

Betty said...

dirk: I feel a surge, too, and it's not a very pleasant one.