Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sabbath Gasbags

I was watching the Sunday morning "news" shows today, just to see how many of those good ole boy pundits would call for Hillary to drop out "for the good of the party". Snrk.

The arrogance of these pundits! Sometimes, it just about takes my breath away. I especially dislike Tim Russert, with his smarmy little sneer. Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman are not much better at hiding their gender bias. There's a reason, you know, why people call Matthews "Caveman Chris." And, Keith Olberman, though he hides it a little better, is another one, even though I wouldn't miss his show if you paid me.

Just because Tim Russert thinks Hillary should quit doesn't make it right. I agree that things are not looking good for our gal. However there are still several primaries to be held and she is correct when she says that her supporters in those states have a right to be able to go to the polls and vote for her. She would be disenfranchising a bunch of voters if she just packed up her doll rags and went home right now. I know how it feels to have MY candidate pull up stakes and get out of the race before I ever had a chance to vote for him (take THAT, Bill Richardson). This became a two-person race much too early in the game for my taste.

The pundits keep saying that the Democratic Party is being damaged by the increasingly divisive rhetoric, and to this I say, "Horse hockey!" As James Carville has said, if they think this is bad, just wait until the Republicans get started. Barack Obama is being pummeled by powder puffs compared to what he's going to have to battle after the conventions are over, and the race heats up between the two parties. Believe me, there will be no lie too big to tell about Obama and no trick too dirty to keep John McCain from using them.

So, let's just keep having fun with the Democratic primaries and let things play out as they will. Nobody seriously believes that Hillary's supporters will flock to the polls to vote for McCain. Her supporters are the long-time, die hard Democratic establishment. They are not going to abandon the party, so we can lay to rest that little theory. In fact, it is more likely that some of Obama's supporters would just stay home if he lost, because they make up the young people and first-time voters who don't have the long history with the party.

On the other hand, if, after the primaries are over, and all the delegates counted, Hillary is still obviously losing, but pushes on for a confrontation in the convention, I'll be calling for her to concede and endorse Barack Obama, just as I would expect him to do the same if their positions were reversed. By then, it will just be sour grapes driving her.


Jay said...

The arrogance of these pundits!


You want arrogant?

How bout Hillary being behind by 150 delegates and almost 800,000 votes and going to Mississippi, a state she ended up losing by 33 points (61% to 28%) and basically OFFERING the VP slot to the man who was beating her?

THAT was arrogant!

I'm not saying Hillary should get out, but her constant whining about everybody is being so unfair to her and her claims of entitlement is getting really old.

Nancy said...

Here is how I feel about the Hillary/Obama nomination.

If Hillary wins big, and I mean BIG,in Pennsylvania she can say "I win the big states. I won New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania,etc. These are the states that have the most electoral votes. Obama can't carry those states. He won't have the electorals to beat Senator McSame."

And she will be right, and some of the Super Delegetes may see the wisdom in her thinking and come over to her side.

It's a long shot but worth the try...

Annie said...

Hear, hear, Betty!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I agree with you again Betty. I don't think Hillary should pull out yet either, but I certainly don't want to listen to any more sour grapes down the line. It's already been hard to watch a lot of this continue; and it's true...she's had some pretty arrogant moments.

Dianne said...

I don't know how I feel about her pulling out - I swear that's not a cop-out, I just haven't formulated a strong, reasonable reason why she should and I hate to agrgue when I'm not certain - I'd make a terrible pundit ;)

But I do wish she and Bill would stop being snarky, arrogant, whiny a**holes. He's killing all my warm feelings for him by often sounding like a stupid old white man. And Hillary rarely sounds like a genuine person to me anymore.

I've supported Barack since day one and I'm neither young or new to this. I have always thought he is right for us at this point in time where Hillary is just more of the same old BS.

Betty said...

jay: Offering the VEEP position to Obama while she was behind was actually very funny - AND arrogant.

nancy: I guess there's always a chance something will happen and she will be swept into office. But, I doubt it.

annie: Thanks

joy: She has been very hard to watch from the beginning, I thought.

dianne: I am ambivalent about Hillary in many ways, but I'm bitterly disappointed that when we finally got a female candidate who had a chance, it had to be HER.

Nancy said...

Okay, Betty and everyone; On the count of three: SING

It had to be you,
We wanted a gal
We wanted her now,
But you wouldn't do.

And nobody else gave us a thrill,
Till old Barack came over the hill,
And grabbed the acclaim
from you and McCain,
And just fits the bill.......

Betty said...

nancy: Encore!

savannah said...

well done! now if we could everyone to think the way WE do, sugar1 ;-)

Betty said...

savannah: All those others are just wrong. But, they won't listen to sweet reason. lol

susan said...

I really, really WANT to like Hillary...but she's getting on my nerves more and more.

Mrs. G. said...

I couldn't agree more! Why in the world should she drop out. What crap! I used to love Keith Olberman and now I can barely stand to look at him. He hasn't made it through a show without making at least one anti-Hilary comment in months. And Chris Matthews is an idiot!

Great post.

Chancy said...

You have a way with words. I like your style and I agree, Hillary needs to stay in at least through the next 3 primaries.

I dispise the way the media is fawning over Obama. He is good but not THAT good,

DirkStar said...

And now it turns out Obama's story is full of lies.

1. The Kennedy family had nothing to do with his family coming to America.

2. He was born before the date he claims Martin Luther King inspired his parents to get married.

3. He now says he was going to quit that church if pastor Wright had not retired.

(Oh, so what inspired him to hire the pastor as a campaign adviser?)

If he were waffling any more on this story his name would be Barack Leggo My Eggo.