Sunday, March 02, 2008

More Politics???????

I can tell from the lack of comments that you are probably either getting bored with my nattering on and on or you don't agree with my positions, but that's all right. I get all wrapped up in politics during Presidential election years. So, I hope you'll bear with me until November, when I might be able to come up with something more amusing, interesting or entertaining to write about.



Note to Tim Russert: Hillary voted to authorize GWB to make the decision to invade Iraq on the strength of lies and faulty information. So did a lot of others.

Live with it and move on.



Note to Chris Matthews: See Note to Tim Russert.



Note to Ralph Nader: Look closely into the mirror next time you shave. You're old, You're all ego, you're irrelevant.

Go away.



Note to John McCain: You're the luckiest bastard on earth. You came back from 'Nam a hero and relatively intact. You've had an illustrious political career, especially after you dumped the first Mrs. McCain in favor of her wealthy, younger look-alike, who was able to finance your aspirations. Her you are, the leading candidate of a party full of people who don't really like you much. Get real.

You're no Ronald Reagan.



Note to Barack Obama: You're almost as slick as "Slick Willie". So far, everyone's afraid to criticize you for fear of being called a racist. The fun's almost over. The Republicans have no such qualms.

Be ready.



Note to Hillary: You've had some sorry advisors, and you're in danger of losing the nomination. The rats will soon begin leaving the ship. They're already telling you to drop out. Here's my advice: Don't get out until you're damn good and ready. Nobody else does.

You go, girl.


Karen said...

I am so over this political stuff. It starts too early and drags out too long. After the nominations and as we get closer to November, I will care again. But until then I am just ignoring the same stuff being twisted a zillion different ways.

Kell said...

You're right on with a lot of that, but especially Obama. Cool post!

Betty said...

karen: This campaign season has been much too long. But, it will heat up again after the conventions.

kell: Thanks. I thought you might like it.

Chancy said...

Betty, I am like you, a political junkie when it comes to Presidential politics. I am a Hillary supporter and my hubby favors Obama. Some mix, eh?

Peggy said...

I have sent in my overseas voter registration for the big one in November. I'm just hoping that all the votes count this time. No more "banana republic" mishaps with ballot cards being unreadable etc. . . . As for predictions and tv commentary, I stopped listening to the network coverage of what's going on. I just don't trust the big networks to be unbiased.

susan said...

I love the way you just put everything out there. Those networks should hire you.

Nancy said...

Yes, Betty, I'll comment; and say the same thing to you that you said to Hillary.

YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!

Jo said...

I'm not a Hillary fan, but I'm a fan of people who put it like they see it--witty post!

Betty said...

chancy: It's a good thing he's not a McCain supporter!

peggy: I think the networks are biased, all right. And, they're almost always wrong in their predictions.

susan: If the networks seem biased now, they'd really get complaints if they hired me. lol

nancy: Thanks. I've never been known for keeping my opinions to myself.

jo: Thanks. I'm enjoying reading your blog. It's very informative.

Tink said...

I second all of that. You tell it how it is, girl!

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Found your blog for the first time today. Very good graphics.

patsy said...

I am not tired of your post esp. since I agree with you. GO HILLARY.

Nancy said...


I read somewhere the other day that John McCain might remind us of an old man who would come out the front door of the White House in his bathrobe shouting, "Hey, you kids, the next time that ball comes in my yard, I'm keeping it."

The caricature you have of him is perfect.....

a. beaverhausen said...

Confession: Whomever is out front with regard to the Democrats? That's who I'm voting for. I'll consider it a moral victory whether Clinton or Obama gets the nod. All politicians are slick...some more than others. The worst ones are those who just look stupid. I just can't stand this war anymore.

Betty said...

tink: I try (she said modestly).

tales from the birchwood: Welcome. I hope you'll visit again.

patsy: I'm not tired of yours, either, but where did your right-winger go? lol

nancy: That's a good one. He reminds me of that, too.

a. beaverhausen: I'll vote for whoever the candidate is, too. I'm very proud of the democrats at this point. They're going to make history either way.

Doc said...

It's true Hillary... One of your top 3 campaign peeple is now trying to tell the media that he really didn't have anything to do with your campaign this whole time... It's kind of sad actually.

Dogwalkmusings said...

If Hillary stays in it will be good. Obama needs work on answering the tough questions. If he ultimately wins he'll be the better for it; if Hillary wins - well, she has the campaign skills if she'll settle in and use them consistently.

Betty said...

doc: I'll bet there will be a real donnybrook in the Clinton campaign tomorrow. It's never good to have two or three different factions, all trying to run the campaign.

dogwalkmusings: It really irritates me to have the media telling ANY candidate it's time to get out of any of the races. Hillary will know when to get out, or if to get out. I hope she doesn't let others talk her into doing something that goes against her instincts.

Annie said...

I'm not tired of your nattering on, Betty. I find your comments quite apt and interesting.

Since you've been watching the candidates, what's your take on McCain's relationship with Cindy McCain. Seems to me he never mentions or acknowledges her (except when she "stood by her man when rumors of extra-marital romance surfaced) and she usually seems quite lonely and sad. Not that it has much to do with anything except that this stands in stark contrast to the rest of the candidates and their spousal exchanges.

Nancy said...

Hi Betty,

What a great night last night was. Watching the results come in from Texas and Ohio was the best.. Now it looks like I may replace Bush as the "DECIDER" because the Primary in Pennsylvania on April 22 may really be the decider and that is where I live and vote.

Can't Wait!

Betty said...

annie: I think that may have been more of a "merger" than a "marriage".

annie: I can't wait to see Pennsylvania's primary, either. Isn't it exciting? I do love a well-fought race between two people I would be happy to vote for.