Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Five Things


After reading the answers to this meme on several blogs, I can't remember who, if anyone, tagged me for it, because I'm old, you know, and my memory is going. It got me thinking, though, so I decided to give it a try, anyway.

"What are five things in your life now that you would never have thought would be in your life when you were 25?" I do remember being 25 (my long-term memory is just fine, thank you very much), and there are many things in my life that I never dreamed of back then.

1. I was married at 22, and after two miscarriages, I feared that I would never have children. However, in another year, I was the proud mama of a baby girl (Kell), and two years later, Jay came along. They are the two best things that ever happened to me, and through Kell, I also acquired a son-in-law, Allen. He'd be the third best thing.

2. At 25, it would never have occurred to me that I'd be divorced before age 40. I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, but it was necessary to go to work, so I got a job. My divorce made some other unsavory things necessary, such as learning to pump gas and deal with automobile repair, not to mention taking out the garbage. I gave Jay garbage duty as soon as he was tall enough to reach the top of the garbage can outside.

3. I never really wanted to live in Harrison. But, after the divorce, I made the decision to stay so the kids could be near their father (snort). Looking back, I realize I wasn't doing them any favors, but I thought it was the thing to do at the time. Also, I didn't want to move back to Little Rock and have the hassle of bussing the kids to school and worrying about their safety all the time. In Harrison, they could ride the bus home and let themselves in and do homework for forty-five minutes, until I got home. This was important, because I couldn't afford a sitter every day, and back then, we didn't have after-school day care. And, now, I'm too rooted to leave.

4. I thought computers were much too complicated for me. My boss, at the time, thought differently. He presented me with an IBM desktop and printer, and said, "Now, make me some graphs." Huh? I found out he was just as technologically challenged as I, and I'm confident that he never learned anything more than sending e-mails to his daughters, if that. He was guilty of the same thing that most of the management types were guilty of in those days. They thought computers couldn't be hard to use if their secretaries could use them. Talk about a trial by fire! I wept and pounded my desk and raged until he finally gave in and brought someone in to give me, and the one other woman in the office who was similarly outraged, classes in the various programs. Then, of course, we were expected to teach all the other women in the office.

5. On the other hand, when I was 25, if I had known that I would have had the opportunity to go to Scotland and England at age 61, I'd have dismissed it as a pipe dream. But, it happened. Kell and I and two other women friends went and had a great time. If I thought that changing anything that happened to me before that trip would have resulted in our not going, I wouldn't change a thing.

I'm sure there are many other things I would not have been able to predict, but there you have the highlights.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do a little trip down memory lane and do this yourself, I'd be happy to read what you have to say.


Karen said...

Things never turn out as expected, but somehow, the always turn out the way they were supposed to turn out. Or at least I have found that.

Kell said...

That was great. I really thought this was a neat meme. It's not that you dwell on the things you would have changed, but you realize the great things that have happened.

Anonymous said...

This was nice. It's funny how some things change, but some don't, really. I can relate to being divorced. I never, NEVER, thought it would happen to me. I guess I had to walk that path to get to this one.

Peggy said...

I love this particular meme and your answers are marvelous!

Doc said...

I was laughing at the Jay being responsible for garbage as soon as he was tall enough line.

Good read as always Betty!

Claudecf said...

A really good meme and I enjoyed learning all this about you.

Tink said...

He just gave you a computer and expected you to figure it out?! Man... Bosses haven't changed much. My boss handed me a draft line tester and said, "Have at it." I was like, "Do I pour a glass and than stick this in?" He laughed at me for weeks!

kenju said...

You have good insight into your inner workings. I enjoyed doing this meme - and I enjoyed reading yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty,

I enjoyed reading your meme because I always enjoy reading your posts .

I had to learn the computer all by myself,too. I made so many mistakes, but tried to write them down so I wouldn't make the same stupid error again.

I'm glad I persevered because reading a couple of blogs a day makes me feel like I'm in the loop.

Annie said...

When I was 25 I never would have thought that the next generation of 25 year-old women would take for granted the fights for rights fought by their mothers. Of course now I realize I, at 25, took for granted the rights fought for women by the generation before mine.

I'm happy to be back home again.

Betty said...

karen: You know, they say that everything happens for a reason. We just don't always know what that reason is.

kell: Life would be boring without those little "speed bumps".

gawilli: It took me a long time to admit to myself that I was happier after my divorce.

kenju, peggy and claude: Thanks for the kind words.

tink: Bosses never change.

nancy: Why aren't you writing a blog? I love the stories you tell in "comments".

doc: I have LOTS of stories about my children. Alas, I'll never be able to write them because they both read my blog. I didn't think that one out, I guess.

annie: Yes, but what we took for granted was simply the right to vote. It didn't set us back a generation or two. What today's generation of 25 year old women are taking for granted is making us fall back, and one day, that battle might be have to fought for all over again.

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katy said...

what a great post, and I think you should blog abou tales off the children, I mean Jay has told us an awful lot of things that he has got up to that I bet you never knew about, so please, please tell all!

Newt said...

Now, I really want to knwo what a draft line tester is.

Great MEME!

Betty said...

dirk: OK (what???????)

katy: If I started telling on him or his sister, they would start telling blatent lies about me. Kids always find a way to get back at you.

newt: When you find out, let me know, will you?

DirkStar said...

Phase two of my economic program is now in effect...