Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's Happening?

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. I guess I'd better rethink the Chips and Dip breakfast option.


I'm so sorry for poor Pharmaceuticals,
I'm biting my nails to their cuticals.
With their patents expiring,
Their sales are declining,
And the FDA isn't cooperative.

We can all say good-bye to Zyprexa,
There'll be a generic instead of ya.
The same fate awaits Plavix and Lipitor,
Generics are standing in the wings.
And there's nothing to take their place for ya.

Phizer, and Lilly and Squibb, you've been fine,
Too bad, Bristol-Myers and GlaxoSmith Kline.
Board the generics band wagon while there's time.
You might make less profits, but you'll still be in business.
Take a generic Zoloft and don't whine.

OK. Not a very good effort. But, I couldn’t resist. The pharmaceutical companies are complaining because they don’t have anything in the works to take the place of all their biggest Dollar meds. They say it’s because the mean old FDA won’t okay their new drugs fast enough. So, now, they’ll have to start laying people off and their profits will go down and, and, Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah!


Oprah took her show on the road over the weekend, campaigning for Barak Obama. It remains to be seen whether she'll have that much influence over voters when it comes right down to it. Don't count Hillary! out just because a talk show host is able to draw crowds. A lot of those people went only to see Oprah. They'll make up their minds about Obama later. In the voting booths.


Isn't it heart-warming to know that Giuliani was concerned enough to have his police protecting his mistress in the aftermath of the Twin Towers bombing? What a guy! He assures us that if he becomes President, he won’t have Secret Service protecting any future mistresses. Well, that’s a relief!


And, how about Arkansas' very own former governor, Mike Huckabee. Well! He's also known as "Huckabucks", "the Rev-Gov." and "The Huckster". And, at the peak of his weight problems, John Brummett, of the Arkansas Times, took to referring to him as 'Old Triple-Wide". This was also a reference to the triple-wide mobile home his family occupied while the Governor's mansion was renovated. Anyhoodle, imagine everyone's surprise when, while the national media was obsessing over Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney, Huckabee was circling the Religious Conservatives' wagons and quietly moved into first place in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Wouldn't it be funny if....................no, no. Hillary would have too much fun running against him.

Now that he is ahead in some areas, the Media has started scrutinizing his background and they’re finding some things they think we might not like. For instance, he pardoned a killer/rapist who went on to rape and kill another woman.

In 1998, he went along enthusiastically with the Southern Baptist Conference’s statement that “women should submit to their husbands as servants……, “ I wonder how First Tomboy, Janet reacted to that? Not well, I’m sure.

And, just wait until you year all about his ethics problems. Hint: There was no gift too expensive for him or his wife to refuse.


Finally, Dana Perino, President Bush’s Press Secretary told a funny little story on herself. Chuckling, she admitted that she had never heard of the Bay of Pigs. She wondered if that was the same thing as the Cuban Missile Crisis. What does this say about the state of our Education System in this country? Wonder if she's ever heard of Castro?

'Nuff said. See you later.


Peggy said...

Oh My God! Are you serious about Dana Perino??? That's scary. What would be scarier would be if we found out that GWB didn't know about the Bay of Pigs either.

Kell said...

I don't know which is scarier, Dana Perino or the people who put her in that role.

They are also looking into Huckabee's statement about how back in the day, he said that AIDS patients should be quarantined and they are working real hard on getting him to say something against Mormons, which he will, sooner or later.

Karen said...

My dad is now retired, but he worked for a pharmaceutical company for over 40 years. He always justifies the outrageous cost of drugs by saying that there is only a limited number of years to re-coup the all the funds that went into research and development before the patent expires. Then those generic come out and mess everything up. Not sure I agree exactly, but it is an interesting perspective.

Someone has to tell Dana Perino that she shouldn't share the "funny" stories about her ignorance anymore.

Betty said...

Peggy: Serious as a heart attack. And, there is a long list of things that Bush doesn't know about.

kell: Yeah, the Huckster will start fading fast before long.

Betty said...

karen: I think your dad has a point, but I'm not sure I agree, either. If Dana Perino actually understood how she was making herself look, she probably wouldn't have told that story. Scary, isn't it?

Nancy said...

Well, Kell, I think your prophecy about Huckabee saying something nasty about Mormans has come true.

Yesterday, when asked about the Morman religion,Huckabee said,"I don't know much about them.." Then, with a smirk and what he thought could pass for a look of innocence, he added, "Don't Mormans believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

What a thing to say.

kenju said...

Probably GWB didn't know about the Bay of Pigs, as that was back when he was still drinking....LOL

patsy said...

i always called the guv "huckleberry hound"

Betty said...

nancy: He has a way of saying something really snide and making it sound like a compliment, too.

kenju: He probably thought the Bay of Pigs was the local bar.

patsy: He had lots of nicknames - all of them fit.

Sister--Three said...

Oh, I love you take. Maybe O'baby will pick Ophaha to run with him as his mate....running I mean!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's a lot of things GWB doesn't know about. It's scary that these are the people running our country. Of course, the folks that would really be good at the job are much too smart to take it on...

Betty said...

sister-three: I think there's a possibility that Hillary! and Obama might have to get nasty enough with each other that they will both lose out, leaving, probably, Edwards. Seems to me he's in a good position right now.

susanmusings: I wouldn't take it on, and have to put up with all the harassment presidents have to take these days.

dc said...

Hope you are feeling better, Thanks for coming by my site and leaving little notes. At least I know one person reads my silliness. I sort of got blogged-out for awhile and am playing catch up this week. Spending lots of computer time working on my e-store. Its fun but time comsuming. Keep up the good work with all your rantings, I love it. dc

Betty said...

dc: I get blogged out periodically, too. Let me know when your e-store is up and running. Sounds interesting.