Monday, August 27, 2007

You Expected This, Didn't You?

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Hooray! Hooray! Gonzales resigned,

We didn't think he'd go away.

He wavered and waffled and clung to the job,

'Cause the president told him to stay.

He's gone, today, to no one's regret,

Although he's probably sore-0h

But, judging by recent questioning,

He'll forget it by tomorrow.


Oh, come on! Stop groaning. You knew I couldn't resist, didn't you?

They really couldn't let him stay on until the election. It would give the Democrats too much opportunity to make news, what with all the hearings and investigations. The hearings and investigations will go on, but more in the background, with Alberto gone.


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In other news, Michael Vick has found God. Sure, he has. Too bad he couldn't have had that "Come to Jesus" moment BEFORE he had so much fun abusing and killing dogs.


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Senator Larry Craig, Republican from Idaho was arrested by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd behavior at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The officer said that Craig first watched him through a crack in the stall door, then entered the next stall. When Craig started playing footsie with him, the officer showed his identification under the stall. Craig said the policeman "misconstrued his actions." Uh-Huh.

Oh, by the way, Craig is one of Mitt Romney's top supporters in the Senate.

Republicans. The gift that keeps on giving.

Stay tuned.


Sister--Three said...

Love all the new visuals.

Bush was afraid he could not get another lawyer who was a yes man to him.

Another poem might read

In the bathroom stall
Stood Mr. Craig
Proud and tall
Said--"I'm a fag"!

Poor ole Vick, wonder if he ever noticed that DOG spelled backwards is GOD!

Lisa said...

LOVE the Alberto poem, Betty, Especially the part about him forgetting! I was annoyed at the comment in his parting remarks regarding his father . . . saying Alberto's worst day was better than his father's best day. I'd take a day of his father's honest work in the field over a perjurer trampling civil rights any day of the week.

Joan said...

My, my, my...Monday sure was a busy day in the news. I'm sure the TV and cable news directors were falling all over themselves with glee.

CarmenSinCity said...

EW!!!!!! He watched him through the stall and then played footsies with him? What a weirdo!!!!!!! The last thing I want to do is touch anything or anyone in a public restroom - gross!

Betty said...

sister-three: I'm learning to use pictures. It's fun.

lisa: Thanks. Gonzales is a real Gonzo.

joan: Yes, they are always looking for something, anything, to report during August.

carmen: I have been trying to figure out how that cop could have "misconstrued" Craig's actions. Hmmmmm. Can't think of anything. lol

Annie said...

Betty, you caught the news of the day, all in one place. Isn't it wonderful that Gonzalez is moving on down the road!

susan said...

It's scarey that these are the kind of people that we are supposed to trust and look up to. Riiiight.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Ah, yes, our very own Senator. Idaho, the gift that keeps on giving. Arrrrrgh!

By the way, when does your book of political poetry come out??

Betty said...

Annie: I'm glad to see him go. I'd like for all distractions to go away so the politicians would HAVE to talk about things that matter.

susan: I'm reaching the point where I trust very few of them.

dogwalkmusings: Thanks, but I don't think a book by me of political poetry would sell very well.

DirkStar said...


Isn't the news so much fun right now?

Arkansas Songbird said...

I hope Michael Vick really has found God. He needs to. I can't stand cruelty to animals.